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The Golden Sickle's Symbol

The Golden Sickle is a merchant company based out of the Golden Sickle Guildhouse in Ark. It employs numerous employees in the creation, transportation, defense, and distribution of all manners of goods. Although the faction's ultimate goal is profit, it also helps maintain the Pest House on the Undercity, an action that leads to the events of its Faction Quest.


The leader of the Golden Sickle is called the Guildmaster. They have ultimate control over the faction and are able to accept contracts, assign positions to others, and manage the guild as a whole. The Quartermasters can be seen as the “regional managers” of the Sickle, acting as the leaders of a single trading post. The Protectors of the Guild are high-ranking employees who perform a variety of tasks at the Guildmaster's command, from caravan protection to delivery of diplomatic invitations. Regular Workers perform menial tasks at trading posts, such as delivering shipments, collecting payment, cleaning the facilities, and so on.

The Golden Sickle also employs a variety of members who are not part of its internal structure, such as merchants, farmers, craftsmen, woodworkers, among others. These can have a contract with the Sickle or simply be business partners on a per-transaction basis. They are collectively known as Aspirants.

Known Members