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Surta Summerstone
(Ref ID: 000A8D20)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Manufacturer Job Merchant
Essential No Form ID 000A8D21
Location Ark's Marketplace, Golden Sickle's Trading Post
EN-NPC-Surta Summerstone.png
Level 18 Health 192
Magicka 135 Stamina 78

Surta Summerstone is a Golden Sickle merchant living in the Golden Sickle's Trading Post at Ark's Marketplace. She sells wares related to bakery. Surta is the daughter of Hallys Summerstone.


Surta wakes up every day at 8 AM and goes to work on her stall in Ark's Marketplace. At 8 PM she stops working and heads to Ark's Temple of Malphas to pray until midnight, when she returns to her trading post to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Steel Dagger
  • Health Potion (Cheap)
  • Merchant Guild's Key
  • Hammer
  • 22 Pennies


Vendor Money: 280 Pennies

  • 2x Date Cake
  • 3x Date Cake
  • 3x Goat Milk
  • 3x Honey Nut Bun
  • 5x Cake
  • 5x Endralean Zuckerstrietzl [sic]
  • 8x Cream Pie
  • 27x Endralean Crusty Bread
  • 12x Pretzel
  • 16x Salt
  • 20x Sublime Breead [sic]