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Netta Millerman
(Ref ID: 000E766A)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Manufacturer Job Farmer
Essential No Form ID 000E766B
Location Ark, Watermill
EN-NPC-Netta Millerman.jpg
Level 20 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Netta Millerman is a farmer living on Ark's Watermill. While her family relations are not clear, it can be deduced that she's the daughter of Theodron Millerman and Ursa Millerman.


Netta has a xenophobic attitude, as she acts rudely towards The Prophet when they try to ask for information, citing that she's always that rude to "people of your kind".


Netta wakes up at 7 AM and goes to work on the farm near her house. At 10 AM she goes out for a stroll, returning to work at 2 PM. During her second work period, she'll be talking with Nessa Grenbeard. At midnight, she returns home to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Steel Sword
  • Morning Air Potion (Cheap)
  • Health Potion (Standard)
  • Morning Air Potion (Standard)
  • Expert Book Block
  • Up to 3 different alchemical ingredients
  • 50 Pennies