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This page contains all papers, messages, etc that aren't listed in either Enderal:Notes or Enderal:Letters

Name EditorName FormID EN-Cost.png EN-Weight.png Locations Content
Written Paper _00E_AltIniathExplorationNote 00036A19 0 0.00
  • Old Iniath

Report: Morndas, 23. of the Third Harvest, 8234 a. St.

Commander Sordan,

as agreed I send you herewith the first status report of the expedition to Alt-Iniath.

The journey and the exposure were relatively easy, especially in view of the fact that we were attacked by peculiar machines when we opened the ruins. They have great similarity to typical Starling craft, but our chronicler said that they are unlike any technology that we know. Moreover, the entire ruin is filled with strange constructions which must have been built by the same people as the machines. All this confirms your suspicions: This place must have been a research location of the Dylgar. No matter which kind of technology they have researching on, it has similarities with the Beacon and must be responsible for the peculiarly sultry air in the tunnels.

Currently, we are still engaged in the development and security of the ruin, but tomorrow we should be able to begin the destruction of the research. As you already said, we can not allow that Arantheal gets hold of what the Dylgar have been researching on.

Respectfully,expedition leader Melren

Written Paper _00E_AltIniathExplorationNote02 00036A18 0 0.00
  • Old Iniath

Report: Morndas, 26. of The Third Harvest, 8234 a. St.

Commander Sordan,

The situation is critical. We managed to disarm the Starling (or whatever) machines in the upper levels. However, the deeper we descend into the ruin, the more numerous they become. As of today, we have lost half a dozen good soldiers. In addition, on each new level the air becomes more sultry and oppressive. Since the ruin is surrounded by mountains, we do not have the appropriate attire and equipment to operate under these conditions. - Two days ago Chronicler Eldrin was "attacked" by a swarm of mosquitoes, as they are usually found only in Ostian. He is suffering from a high fever since. Tomorrow I will explore the innermost of the compley with a small raiding patrol.

For now, we maintain our position and await further instructions. Without reinforcement and proper equipment we will not be able to transport the machines.

Expedition leader Melren

Old Order _00E_AltLyguriaNote 0010BBBC 0 0.10
  • Old Lyguria
Find the machine!
Message of the Embalmer _00E_ArkTombNote 00150283 0 0.00
  • Ark, Crypt
No idea what's going on. Why did they really forbid funerals?

Why don't they burn those rich people from the uptown? What were they really scared of?

Message _00E_ArkTombNote02 00150281 0 0.00
  • Ark, Crypt


your father bequeathed us this scroll. What you can find at that place is a safeguard for you - But he will only leave it for you, if you visit him after his life.

WARNING: Stranger who reads this: My companion has taken precautions against unwanted visitors!

Blank Paper _00E_BlankPaper 00090440 1 0.00
  • Ark, Military Barrack
  • Castle Dal'Galar, Dining Hall
  • Castle Dal'Galar, Library
  • Castle Dal'Galar, Quarters
  • Castle Dal'Galar, Research Room
  • Castle Dal'Galar, Sanctuary
  • Castle Golden Ford, Keep
  • Fogwatch
  • Monastery
  • Silvergrove - Ryné' House
  • Sun Temple - Curarium
  • Sun Temple - Quarters
  • Sun Temple, Emporium
  • Sun Temple, Sanctum
  • Sun Temple, Scuola
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5058.076660
[ no text ]
Empty Book _00E_BookFill01 000151BD 25 1.00 [ no text ]
Empty Book _00E_BookFill03 00106763 15 1.00 [ no text ]
Earnings _00E_BuisnessBook 0005BB8B 5 1.00
  • Ark - Dal'Geyss' Estate
  • Ark, Bank
  • Ark, Dal Geyss' Estate
  • Bank
  • Monastery
  • Powder Cliff, Foremen House
  • Riverville, Kurro's General Store
  • Riverville, Mayor's House
  • Riverville, Sura's Sharp Steel
  • Screw, Hats, Odds and Ends, Incorporated
  • Sun Temple, Emporium
[ no text ]
Message for You _00E_DunehomeAlchemistMessage 00063212 0 0.10
  • Duneville

Run fast and jump! Jump high and wide, run endlessly like the wind if you aim to reach the top of my towerlet - waver, and you shall fall down. But shun the rope - indeed, it could not bear a butterball such as you - use the wood with caution, for it should still support you.

Maxus Tabakkus

Message for You _00E_DunehomeAlchemistMessage2 00063211 0 0.10
  • Duneville

Idiot! You shall not hesitate!

Maxus Tabakkus

Written Paper _00E_FrostpassageExplorationNote 0015100D 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (2, 2) @ Z: 6627.184082

This stupid old fogey really thought we would spare her, if she tells us the hidden place for her jewelry! How she begged for it!

Allegedly there is an icefall south-east in the ravine - Lost Ones included. When Kritos arrives next week we will be on our way to the icefall!

Written Paper _00E_KoenigsbuchtExplorationNote 00150149 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (4, -9) @ Z: 3093.014404

Rala was really unlucky. Her arcane fever was incredibly bad and she was close to the blue death. Since we killed her with her dagger upon her request, strange things are happening. We didn't burn her - Could she have risen as a lost one?

We buried her at the beach, but strange crystals and creatures appear at the spot. We should ask Crocco if we could move the quarters...

Written Paper _00E_MQ05_ExplorationNote 00037896 0 0.00

Let us listen to the silence ... What really drives you?

Who are you? Who are you since you have set foot on Enderal? Now you are the opposite of what you really are - instructive, strong, powerful, meaningful, in short: The Prophet. You have constructed a narrative for yourself, a fairy-tale ... a fairy-tale about who you want to be. And you have found exatly those people who confirm it. That's the most important thing, isn't it? You've found someone who believes in your fairy-tale. Don't you see? You're simnply wrong. All about you is wrong.

You are pathetic, you know that? What would Sirius say about this?

Written Paper _00E_MQ11aNoteDalGalarStable 0014FCF1 0 0.00
  • Castle Dal'Galar, Stables

Yes, I know. But he is our master, so what will you do? Only one year, and we will have enough pennies to buy two new horses. For whatever he "uses" them.

Order _00E_MQ11b_Contract 00020AC5 0 0.10
  • Ark, Serwers

Target: Sandgut, Bernos Notes:

  • estate in the upper city, visits the bathhouse every day
  • not married, but affair (trap?)
  • harmless, bookworm, aristocrat
  • 500 pennies reward, bonus of 250 for acquisition of the documents
Orders _00E_NordwindAnweisung 0014FCB9 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-21, 17) @ Z: 10173.178711

Hunters of the area speak of strange creatures in the ruins of Northwind. We believe an entropist is hiding in the mines of the village. Take a look at the mines next time you have a mission in the Frostcliff Mountains - The order needs ore, and if we want to re-establish the mine we can't just leave it to the entropists!

Signet Leader J. B.

Orders _00E_NordwindAnweisungLeuchtfeuer 0014FCBA 0 0.00

Hunters of the area speak of strange creatures in the ruins of Northwind. We believe an entropist is hiding in the mines of the village. Take a look at the mines next time you have a mission in the Frostcliff Mountains - The order needs rare metals to rebuild the Beacon, and if we want to re-establish the mine we can't just leave it to the entropists!

Signet Leader J. B.

Written Paper _00E_NordwindExplorationNote 00150127 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-37, 18) @ Z: 11981.520508
My sister Ea went with a Kilian merchant ship along the northcoast of Enderal. The ship never arrived in Kile. In the glacier ravine I discovered a shipwreck, but a snow avalance made the tree collapse. Oh Ea, I was so close to you.

Reader, please make sure my sister is safe. Nothing may happen to her. Not at all!

I have enough whine with me, but it will only worsen my dry throat, I know that. But I prefer to perish with joyousness.

Orders _00E_NordwindTotenpassNote 001501DA 0 0.00
  • Old Hatolis, Glacier Passage
The Holy Order sent a covey of keepers and an arcanist into the ruin. The heart of the Pyrean site is in a glacier. This is the backside of the mountain, which people here call "The living temple".

Taranor wants to know, what they are looking for here.

If they send reinforcement: Don't let anyone escape! As soon as we found out, what the Order is researching, we will cover our tracks and will make it look, like frost spiders brought the expedition of the Order to an end!

Scribbled Parchment _00E_NoteSuncoastBurnedHouse 0004C9B2 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-27, -7) @ Z: 242.883530

I've told Ladia, that the bandits could become dangerous, but she will not leave this place! These bastards watch our house every night ...

Empty Parchment _00E_Notizblatt 0002A46D 1 0.00
  • Aged Man's Manor
  • Ark - Dal'Geyss' Estate
  • Ark, Bank
  • Ark, Dal Geyss' Estate
  • Ark, Dal'Geyss' Treasury
  • Ark, Elumund's Tailoring
  • Ark, Library
  • Ark, Meat Market
  • Ark, Military Barrack
  • Castle Dal'Galar, Quarters
  • Castle Golden Ford, Keep
  • Crystal Passage
  • Grandmaster's Rooms
  • Old Rashêrad, Lower Area
  • Old Yogosh (2, -1) @ Z: 351.320618
  • Old Yogosh (2, -1) @ Z: 449.017761
  • Paladinfestung, Haupthalle
  • Paladinfestung, Räe
  • Paladinfestung, Speisesaal
  • Screw, Hats, Odds and Ends, Incorporated
  • Sun Temple - Alchemist & Magic
  • Sun Temple - Chronicum
  • Sun Temple - Chronicum - Archive
  • Sun Temple, Warehouse
  • Vyn - Enderal (-11, 10) @ Z: 478.384399
  • Vyn - Enderal (-15, 6) @ Z: 4350.326172
  • Vyn - Enderal (-16, 1) @ Z: 3529.965332
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5016.469238
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5018.955078
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5040.100098
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5059.797852
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5061.382812
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5106.356934
  • Vyn - Old era (0, 0) @ Z: 5152.860352
[ no text ]
Message to the Caravan Leader _00E_NQ_G_03_LetterForCaravan 001380E9 0 0.00


I understand your concern. However: We both know, that the bronze-skinned will stop at nothing. It is safer this way. And don't forget: Malphas protects the path-abiding ones, just as he punishes the corrupted ones.

I awate you in Ark.

MaéDal'Loran, Guildmaster of the Golden Sickle

Message _00E_NQ_G_06_Contract 0013CFD1 0 0.00


I am pleased to hear, that everything went according to plan. Enclosed to this writing you will enough sur to pay for your costs. The exact time and place for the handover of the idol you will receive as an oral notice. To proceed with highest caution should be self-evident - after the slip at the caravan we can't have any more mistakes.

Burn this letter, as soon as you read it.


PS: You should be able to change the coins in any bank into Endralean pennies.

Message of the Sickle _00E_NQ_G_06_SickleNote 0013CFD0 0 0.00


thank you for your detailed report. As for your question: We will proceed as planned. According to our sources Onês has, as expected, recently contacted the Union. She suspects that we are behind the attack, but she has no evidence - and she knows it as well as we do. In particular the confrontation of the protector with the assassins and the counterfeiting of the poison (excellent idea!) will get the Tribunal on our side - in case the multi-colored jesters actually mention it. I'll give them two more weeks, maybe three, then they will give in, pay a part of the price and sail back to their plantations. The exact time and place for the handover of the idol will be communicated to you orally in the next days.

Burn this letter once you've read it.

M. D.

PS: Bring at least five good men to the meeting place. We can trust the Petrified as little as the bronze-skinned ones.

Paper _00E_NQ12_SilaNote 00038CCD 0 0.00
  • Residential Barrack

See Page: Paper

Order _00E_NQ15_Auftrag 001276F7 5 1.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (0, 0) @ Z: 97.970612

Correct. And I want to emphasize this again - there is no reason for brute force. Intimidate him, threaten him that you will hurt his fellow, something. I'm sure you know how to practise your craft. And make sure that there is no contact between Pentas and my brother, under any circumstances.


PS: Your payment has been left at the agreed location.

Written Parchment from the Dam Watch _00E_PilzwaldStaudammNotiz 00103D31 1 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-17, -1) @ Z: 3457.568604

12th day of Winter Star

I packed my gear and left the Dam Watch behind me. The mushrooms and their effects in the forest became too strong. I saw and experienced visions and dreams with my late father. Some would say, that this decision is pathless - but I will be for sure, if I remain here longer.

Signed A.

Written Paper _00E_RhalataExplorationNote 0014FCE6 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-13, 10) @ Z: 210.461914
Wipe away your debt!
Written Paper _00E_RhalataExplorationNote02 0014FCE9 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-13, 3) @ Z: 3001.975586

we have scouted the Whispwood. I know you don't really dare to go there, but eastern, not far from the old ritual side of the Steel Crabs at the lake, we've discovered a glow poder workshop of the Rhalata in a cave! Imagine all the pennies, we could get for that! The Rhalata protect the spot with mercenaries, who are more skilled than you. You need a majority and train your folks!


Scribbled Paper _00E_SilberseeHerzlandNoti 000FE196 0 0.10
  • Vyn - Enderal (-15, 4) @ Z: 3504.630615

Dear Mother, you will be joyful to hear, that for the first time I earn money through honest work. We've found silver, in a lake in the Heartland! It was washed out. Finally I can retire on a lonely island.

Scribbled Parchment _00E_SonnenkuesteNotiz 0004D270 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-29, -5) @ Z: 908.969116

I don't know what's going on! Everybody is so strange. The animals are evil. They ate mommy and daddy.

Journal _00E_TagebuchBergpass 0002B3EE 1 1.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-14, -4) @ Z: 6954.410156

I used to be an adventurer, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Old Order _00E_ThunderFrostNote01 0006A8A8 0 0.10
  • Fortress Golden Forest


Severikk Barin, gate guard 6th of The Fundament, 6136 a. St.


Thalgard has fallen, Dal'Marak is missing any trace.

They closed the Shadow Pass, but I still assume some of our brothers are behind the walls. May Malphas let their souls rest! The men of Fort Wellwatch is forearmed. If this epidemic, this exostosis - whatever it may be - reaches Fort Wellwatch, then Goldenforst has to be hold under any circumstances. I will leave to Wellwatch, to support Gerrak. The commandership is now in the hands of Arkan. The gate cannot collapse.

Don't rest! - If you see the slightest evidence of clouds, immediatly report back to Arkan.

Vikko Ironpuncher, commander's office Fort Goldenforst

Bulletin _00E_ValstaagNote2 00052F2F 0 0.00
  • Ruins of Dal'Valstaag, Atrium
Here hangs Dal'Valstaag!

Blueblooded goof-of! Now we eat at your table and fuck your wife in the dungeon!<p>

Whoever dares to remove this note will be impaled!

Bulletin _00E_ValstaagNote3 00052FCB 0 0.00
  • Dal'Valstaag Ruins, Cabinet
You useless idiots! Put away this books, that this scruffy Dal'Valstaag has lying around everywhere! Nobody needs them! You are thinking too much for my liking, you damn bastards! For all I care you can burn them now, but stop educating yourselves!
Bulletin _00E_ValstaagNote6 00055966 0 0.00
  • Dal'Valstaag Ruins, Vault
Whoever brings me those three strange coins of the old Valstaag and

puts them in this chest will receive an enormous reward! And find me this brat of a daughter, most likely she has one of them.<p>

--Grupub the Bonebreaker

Bulletin _00E_YeraiAushang 000235E6 0 0.00
  • Ark, Nobles Quarter (-1, -2) @ Z: 5399.263184
  • Ark, Nobles Quarter (-1, -3) @ Z: 4450.587891

Looking for a procurer of old things against fancy payment! Visit me in my workshop in the nobles quarter near the bathhouse.

Yerai Dal'Terrowin