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Time is the inexorable sequence of events that drives the world. In Enderal, time is kept using systems similar to real world methods, often using simple terminology changes that don't alter the underlying system itself. Time in the game world passes at ten times the rate of the time in the real world. The initial date for when a new game is begun is 17 of the First Harvest, 8234 a. St., 10:18 PM.

For a chronological timeline of the events of the world, see Timeline.


Time within a single day uses the same familiar system of hours and minutes. A single day has 24 hours, each hour has 60 minutes, and each minute has 60 seconds. Enderal uses a 12-hour clock, representing the time before midday as AM and the time after it as PM. Midnight is represented as 12:00 AM, and midday as 12:00 PM.


A week in Enderal is composed of 7 days, each of which have their own names:

  1. Sundas (Sunday)
  2. Morndas (Monday)
  3. Tirdas (Tuesday)
  4. Middas (Wednesday)
  5. Turdas (Thursday)
  6. Fredas (Friday)
  7. Lordas (Saturday)


The Endralean year has 365 days, and is subdivided into months that have may have 28, 30, or 31 days. Each month has a special unique name based on the events of The Path. Years are divided into b. St. (before Starfall) and a. St. (after Starfall), where the year of the Starfall is 0 a. St.

Days Verse in
The Path
Naming Reason
The Arrival January 31 LX The month in which The First Vassals first set foot in Enderal.
The Groundbreaking February 28 LXI The month in which Selna broke the ground with her sword to form the base of a fence around the first settlement in Enderal
The Exploration March 31 LXIII The month in which the first exploration parties were sent out to scout the wilderness of Enderal's land.
The Fundament April 30 LXVIII The month in which Malphas erected, overnight, a wall around the location that would serve as the fundament for the Sun Temple.
The Bloodmoon
The Golden Moon
May 31 LXXIV The month in which the moon shone upon the recently-created Larxes, increasing the fertility of the land.
Kilra's Treason June 30 LXXXIX The month in which the first Pathless, Kilra, rebelled against The Holy Order and was executed.
The First Harvest July 31 XCII The month in which the first crops were harvested ever since The First Vassals arrived in Enderal.
The Summer Night
Star Summer Night
August 31 XCIX The month in which a great festivity was held in honor of Malphas, during which Enderal was lit with a wild red starfire.
The Departure September 30 XXXIII The month in which The First Vassals set sail towards Enderal.
The Hunger Days October 31 XXXIX The month in which the 24 Pathless Ones rebelled against Malphas' word, stealing the path-abiding vassals' food and leaving them in hunger at the sea.
The Kraken November 30 LVIII The month in which The Kraken attacked The First Vassals' ship and was defeated by Ketaron's sacrifice.
The Winter Star December 31 LIX The month in which The First Vassals first spotted the red shining star that pointed towards Enderal.

This month was named "The Golden Moon" in its original description in The Path, but its current name is "The Bloodmoon". The reason for this change is unknown.
This month was named "Star Summer Night" in its original description in The Path, but the initial "Star" was dropped for unknown reasons.