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Supposedly these are the 3 missing objectives: A traveling merchant told me of a warrior clad in plated armour, who used 2 short swords in combat. The Wanderer reports of a light mage, who equipped himself with heavy plates. The Wanderer reports of a mercenary who mastered both One-handed and Two-handed weapons. As to how to start them, i have no idea. The other 7 objectives starts when you read "Tales of the Wanderer" books or talk to NPC's. For example, if you want to get objective "The Wanderer reports of an archer who combined his knack with elemental magic" you would have to read "Tales of the Wanderer: The Archer from the Steppe" book. If you want to get "A merchant told me about an assassin who was proficient in both sneaking AND fighting" you need to talk to Golfur Silverman in Marketplace (Ark) and ask for information.