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“We will rebuild it!”
The following page or section is still a stub and is incomplete.
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The Art of Combat
Quest Giver: by finding out about any (special class)
Rewards: 500 EP

Journal Entries

If I want to survive in Enderal's wilderness I need to become more skillful - perhaps I can get helpful hints in libraries, ruins or through conversations.


  • The Wanderer reports of an archer who combined his knack with elemental magic.
  • The Wanderer talks about a warrior in armor which used Sinistra.
  • A traveling merchant told me of a warrior clad in plated armor, who used 2 short swords in combat.
  • The Wanderer tells of a Nehrimnese fire-breather, who was combining archery with dirty tricks.
  • The Wanderer tells of an assassin who combined his work with Entropy and Psionics.
  • A merchant told me about a mage, who used Entropy and Elementarism together.
  • The Wanderer reports of a light mage, who equipped himself with heavy plates.
  • A merchant told me about an assassin who was proficient in both sneaking AND fighting.
  • The legendary Endralean Keeper Loram Waterblade used both elemental magic as well as a sword.
  • The Wanderer reports of a mercenary who mastered both One-handed and Two-handed weapons.


This quest is about unlocking your "special" class and the quest will be finished once you've done that. If you don't know what is a special class, it is suggested to read up on it here. Finding out about new classes through merchants and books doesn't give you any rewards, they're only hints on how you could be distributing your points to unlock certain classes.

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