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Does the article already exist?

Before you create a new page, you should first check whether a page about the same thing does not already exist under a different name. To do this, you can search for keywords relating to the subject via the search function. It often happens that there are several names used for a single subject. This case can be solved with redirects. You should not store identical article texts under different titles. If there is a similar page already, create a short redirect and expand the text of the original article, if necessary, for further information.

Creating the Page

Using the Search

The fastest and safest way to create a new page is to search for the desired page name. Under "There were no results matching the query", you will find a a direct link create the page. This method can create orphaned articles that are not linked from any other page and can only be found through the internal search. In order to prevent this, such pages should always be categorized and linked to other, thematically matching articles.

Using an existing link

Another way to create a new page is to follow a link to a nonexistent page inside another page. Clicking on this red link will lead you directly to the location where you can start writing the content of your new page, whose name will be the location of the red link you clicked.

Writing the Page

Before you finalize the page with "Save page", you can use the "Show Preview" button to check whether the page is up to your expectations.

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