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The Edit mode

You can edit any page by using the Edit tab at the top-right. Pages on the Wiki are written in "wikitext", which is a mixture of normal text and special formatting instructions.

Even easier to use are the "Edit" links to the right of each heading. With these, each section can be edited individually - saving you the trouble of searching for the relevant location in the editing box and entering changes directly. In the "Summary", the header of the section is inserted automatically and should be supplemented with your own entry - more below.

Above the edit window, modern browsers provide a toolbar with buttons as shortcuts to the most frequently used wikitext commands.

The preview window appears after clicking on "Show Preview" and provides an accurate overview of the new text, but more details below.


Always add a summary to your changes! Summaries help identify what was changed in a page and why. See Help:Summary for more info.

Minor Changes

In the settings, you can specify whether this checkbox should be set by default. Spelling corrections, formatting changes, and inserted internal links are examples of "minor changes". These changes are marked with a lowercase "m" to signify that they contain minor changes only.

Watch This Page

The "Watch this page" option appears for logged-in users. With "Watch this page", the page is added to your personal watchlist. See Help:Watchlist for more info.

Preview & Save

The "Save Page" button saves the changes you have entered. Before saving, always include a short summary of the changes in the Summary field, and then use the "Show Preview" button to check that all your changes are correct. Templates used

Templates & Categories

You can use templates to reduce the amount of boilerplate between articles, and every page should be properly categorized to organize the wiki. For more information, check Help:Templates and Help:Categories.

Editing Conflicts

If you try to save a page that someone else has changed while you were editing, the wiki may report a processing conflict. You will then get a page with two text windows and a display of the differences. In the lower text field is your version, in the upper one of the other. You can now transfer your changes from the lower field to the top and click on "Save" again.

Discussion Pages

In the case of articles, the discussion pages basically serve to improve the content of the articles. You can, for example, ask questions, ask for statements in the article, make suggestions or comment on the text. The SureAI Wiki is, however, not a discussion forum. For that purpose, you should use either the Forums or the Discord server. For more information, check Help:Discussion Pages

Don't be Shy!

Don't worry, you can't destroy anything! All previous versions of each page can be restored quickly.

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