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Quest Information

Quest Giver Pop up (as soon as you enter the stone realm) A game grotesque.jpg
NPCs None
Locations Stone world



  • DO NOT attack the giant creatures, under any circumstance. Not only do they have an insane amount of health, but they are guaranteed to kill you with one hit, even at high levels. This is done of course to ensure that the player must to use the towers to destroy the creatures, rather than being able to simply use his or her own abilities to win this game. Thankfully, the creatures will not fight you unless otherwise provoked.
  • See more in Nehrim:Tower Defense Minigame


+ 800 EP


Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

A game grotesque NQ15
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 A strange world of stone stretches behind the world portal of Zerobilon. What is this place for?
10 The Star People, who have been here before me, recorded that this place seems to be a kind of gigantic playing field. Creatures regularly arrive and try to make their way up to the starship, and towers on the white platforms must be erected in order to prevent them from achieving their goal. Should they manage to get through, I lose the game. In order to erect towers, magical items are needed which are probably scattered through the lands.
11 The creatures are soon to come, and it is time to secure the road with towers. I should scour the island for tower creating spheres and use them to build some towers. Any tower I have built I can always pull down and rebuild in a different place any time.
15 The first monster wave is repelled, and a new tower creator sphere materialized in my hands.
20 I have fought off the second wave and obtained a new tower creator.
25 Again I am rewarded by a tower creator for fending off another wave of creatures.
30 I have withstood the fourth wave of attackers and obtained a new tower creator.
31 The fifth wave is devastated, and a new tower creator is at my hands.
35 End I was able to win this strange contest and ward the last wave. Now I can try passing the portal which these creatures used to enter this world - maybe something useful waits for me behind it.
40 End Some creatures have succeeded to get past the towers. I have lost the game.