Nehrim:Side Quests

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World Quests

No strurdy shoes icon.jpg Knowledge is Superior to the Sword
No strurdy shoes icon.jpg Nehrim:A Large Chest
Icon nq00a.jpg Instructors!
The renegade brother icon.jpg The Books of Conjuration

Bounty Quests

Icon nq00i.jpg Crude Kurtus
Icon nq00i.jpg Bertulus the Slasher
Icon nq00i.jpg Sly Eye 
Icon nq00i.jpg Frostfinger 
Icon nq00i.jpg Kiril Coaldust 
Icon nq00i.jpg Death Fairy
Icon nq00i.jpg The 'Butcher'
Icon nq00i.jpg The Dwarven Thief
Icon nq00i.jpg Nehrim:The Juggler
Icon nq00i.jpg Nehrim:Band of Berserkers
Icon nq00i.jpg The Applesmuggler
Icon nq00i.jpg The Manhunter
Icon nq00i.jpg The unholy priest
Icon nq00i.jpg The poisoner
Icon nq00i.jpg The undead Duchess

The Middlerealm


Darius treasure icon.jpg

A game grotesque.jpg

The blocked teleporters icon.jpg

The blocked teleporters icon.jpg

The renegade brother icon.jpg


Darius treasure icon.jpg

Icon nq00.jpg

Icon nq00.jpg

Icon nq00.jpg

Artifacts from the past quest icon.jpg

Icon nq00.jpg


Icon nq00.jpg

The robbers nest icon.jpg


The cry from the deep icon.jpg

Tirin Abbey

Search for my root icon.jpg

Goblinds and a wild icon.jpg

The scent of diinity icon.jpg

Arcane Sanctum

The mon ship icon.jpg

Team spirit icon.jpg

The Northrealm


Missing brewer icon.jpg The Missing Master Brewer

Army Camp

The scent of diinity icon.jpg If the Mind is Strong, then so is the Body

The Southrealm


Icon nq00i.jpg

Nehrim:Fights in the Ostian Arena

Goblinds and a wild icon.jpg


The Realm of Treomar



  • Bounty Quests are received by activating wanted posters that can be found in most cities. After Activating the posters you will receive a quest telling you to hunt down a criminal.Upon killing them the quest is complete and you can collect your reward by activating a poster board again.