Nehrim:Side Quests

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World Quests

File:No strurdy shoes icon.jpg Knowledge is Superior to the Sword
File:No strurdy shoes icon.jpg Nehrim:A Large Chest
File:Icon nq00a.jpg Instructors!
File:The renegade brother icon.jpg The Books of Conjuration

Bounty Quests

File:Icon nq00i.jpg Crude Kurtus
File:Icon nq00i.jpg Bertulus the Slasher
File:Icon nq00i.jpg Sly Eye 
File:Icon nq00i.jpg Frostfinger 
File:Icon nq00i.jpg Kiril Coaldust 
File:Icon nq00i.jpg Death Fairy
File:Icon nq00i.jpg The 'Butcher'
File:Icon nq00i.jpg The Dwarven Thief
File:Icon nq00i.jpg Nehrim:The Juggler
File:Icon nq00i.jpg Nehrim:Band of Berserkers
File:Icon nq00i.jpg The Applesmuggler
File:Icon nq00i.jpg The Manhunter
File:Icon nq00i.jpg The unholy priest
File:Icon nq00i.jpg The poisoner
File:Icon nq00i.jpg The undead Duchess

The Middlerealm


File:Darius treasure icon.jpg

File:A game grotesque.jpg

File:The blocked teleporters icon.jpg

File:The blocked teleporters icon.jpg

File:The renegade brother icon.jpg


File:Predatory Bird quest icon.jpg

File:Icon nq00.jpg

File:Icon nq00.jpg

File:Icon nq00.jpg

File:Artifacts from the past quest icon.jpg

File:Icon nq00.jpg


File:Icon nq00.jpg

File:The robbers nest icon.jpg


File:The cry from the deep icon.jpg

Tirin Abbey

File:Search for my root icon.jpg

File:Goblinds and a wild icon.jpg

File:The scent of diinity icon.jpg

Arcane Sanctum

File:The mon ship icon.jpg

File:Team spirit icon.jpg

The Northrealm


File:Missing brewer icon.jpg The Missing Master Brewer

Army Camp

File:The scent of diinity icon.jpg If the Mind is Strong, then so is the Body

The Southrealm


File:Icon nq00i.jpg

Nehrim:Fights in the Ostian Arena

File:Goblinds and a wild icon.jpg


The Realm of Treomar


Removed Quests


  • Bounty Quests are received by activating wanted posters that can be found in most cities. After Activating the posters you will receive a quest telling you to hunt down a criminal.Upon killing them the quest is complete and you can collect your reward by activating a poster board again.