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In Nehrim you can upgrade your Skills at trainers. You must have enough LP (Learning Points) and gold, LP are gained when reading Textbook that are found in various places or buyble at Merchants.

Trainers usually upgrade for 1 LP = +1 Skill Point and 5 Lp = +5 Skill Points.

There are Trainers where you can get a Bonus 1 LP = +2 Skill Point and 5 Lp = +10 Skill Points, but this refers only to a few Skills: Armorer, Mercantile, Security, Speechcraft and Sneak. The charge for training depends of player level.

When reach 90 of certain skill you can't anymore upgrade this skill at trainers.

Finding trainers is a part of the Side Quest Instructors, you can buy the trainer list in every major city:

For every found Instructor is reward of +30EP.

The Middlerealm

Arcane Sanctum

Trainer name Building/Place Available skill upgrade
Nehrim:Lathorius Nehrim:Observatory (near the storage chest) Blade, Block, Blunt
Nehrim:Isetius Nehrim:House of the Mage Council Illusion
Nehrim:Lethian Nehrim:Templers' House Restoration
Nehrim:Gogorn the Mystic Nehrim:House of the Shadow Council Mysticism
Nehrim:Teldron Nehrim:House of the Shadow Council Destruction
Nehrim:Tanriea Nehrim:House of the Mage Council Alteration, Light Armor


District Trainer Name Building/Place Available Skill Upgrade
Nehrim:Foreign Quarter Nehrim:Jamal Nehrim:Mage's Cave Restoration
Nehrim:Foreign Quarter Nehrim:Hassan Mardun Nehrim:Mage's Cave Blade, Light Armor, Marksman
Nehrim:Backyard Nehrim:Targar Nehrim:The Purse (Fence) Acrobatics, Marksman
Nehrim:Upper Quarter Nehrim:Mathilda Nehrim:Mathilda's Leather and Togs Light Armor
Nehrim:Upper Quarter Nehrim:Duncan Kreuz Nehrim:Duncan's Tin Cans Heavy Armor
Nehrim:Upper Quarter Nehrim:Alma Nehrim:Alma's Alchemy Alchemy
Nehrim:Upper Quarter Nehrim:Louis the Smith Nehrim:Louis the Armorer Armorer, Block, Blunt
Nehrim:Old Port of Erothin Hooded Figure Near the fireplace

Destruction, Speechcraft

Erothin Sewers Nehrim:Lithia Thieves' Den Light Armor, Marksman
Erothin Sewers Nehrim:Maius Thieves' Den Alteration, Mysticism
Erothin Sewers Nehrim:Lectus Thieves' Den Mercantile, Speechcraft
Erothin Sewers Nehrim:Teridan Thieves' Den Blade, Block, Blunt, Heavy Armor
Erothin Sewers Nehrim:The light-footed Ann Thieves' Den Acrobatics, Athletics
Erothin Sewers Nehrim:Marruk Thieves' Den Security, Sneak

City trainers

City Trainer Name Building/Place Available Skill Upgrade
Nehrim:Giliad Nehrim:Golag the Smith Outside, at the forge Armorer, Heavy armor
Nehrim:Giliad Nehrim:Brother Patrick Bench next to the Chapel Mysticism, Restoration
Nehrim:Waverock Nehrim:Brother Nimal in front of the Wellenfels Chapel Ilusion, Restoration
Nehrim:Waverock Nehrim:Amhvel near his house at the harbour (at the smithy) Armorer, Block, Heavy Armor

Other trainers

Village Trainer Name Building/Place Available Skill Upgrade
Nehrim:Furtsanden Nehrim:Dark Figure SE of Nehrim:Furtsanden Illusion, Marksman, Security
Nehrim:Tirin Abbey Nehrim:Kahldor Nehrim:Asmiralda's Adventurers' Shelter Blade, Marksman
Nehrim:Tirin Abbey Nehrim:Erik in front of the Abby Marksman
Nehrim:Marius Merchant Camp Nehrim:Marius Nehrim:Marius Merchant Camp Light armor, Marksman, Sneak
Nehrim:Salen Nehrim:War Veteran Khurn Bench opposite the Chapel Blade, Block, Blunt
Nehrim:Pirate's Cave Nehrim:Rodizius Pirates' Hideout Sneak, Mercantile, Security
Nehrim:House of the Snow Witch Nehrim:Latharna Nehrim:House of the Snow Witch Alchemy, Alteration, Illusion, Mysticism, Restoration


The Northrealm

Mountain Monastery

Name Building/Place Available skill upgrade
Nehrim:Nara Nehrim:Nara's House, Alchemy and Illusions Alchemy, Illusion, Light Armor
Nehrim:Konstantin Nehrim:Kontantin's Restoration Spells Restoration
Nehrim:Balin Nehrim:Balin's House, Altertion and Arcane Goods Alteration, Mysticism
Nehrim:Osmar the Smith Nehrim:Osmar's Forge Armorer, Block, Blunt, Heavy Armor
Nehrim:Sancta Maia Main Building Destruction
Nehrim:Sarah (Trainer) Nehrim:Mountain Monastery (training yard) Blade, Block, Light Armour


Trainer Building/Place Available Skill Upgrade
Nehrim:Midas SE of the smithy in the centre Acrobatics, Security, Sneak
Nehrim:Seria next to the Safe Storage Chest Athletics, Mercantile, Speechcraft
Nehrim:Nina Nehrim:Nina's Tools of the Trade Sneak
Nehrim:Oretius Outside Magnus the Mage's door Alteration, Restoration
Nehrim:Magnus Nehrim:Magnus the Mage Light Armor, Destruction
Nehrim:Elgor Nehrim:Elgor's Armor and Weapon Store Armorer, Blunt, Heavy Armor
Philus Nehrim:Cahbaet, Barracks Courtyard Blade, Marksman
Tastor Nehrim:Cahbaet, Barracks Courtyard Block, Blunt, Heavy Armor

Other trainers

Name Building/Place Available Skill Upgrade
Nehrim:Sinor the Hunter Sinor's Warehouse , at the northern crossroads to the Monastery Marksman, Sneak


The Southrealm


District/Area Trainer Building/Place Available Skill Upgrade
Harbour Nehrim:Persan Nehrim:Federal Bureau for Fortune Restriction Acrobatics, Blade, Heavy Armor
Harbour Nehrim:Jina Nehrim:Federal Bureau for Fortune Restriction Athletics, Light Armor, Marksman
Harbour Nehrim:Toruk der Sprachgewandte Nehrim:Federal Bureau for Fortune Restriction Mercantile, Security, Sneak, Speechcraft
Marketplace Nehrim:Jonas the Smith At the smithy Armorer, Blunt, Heavy Armor
Upper Stores Nehrim:Narima Nehrim:Mystic and Ordinary Goods Mysticism
Upper Stores Nehrim:Alma the Blacksmith Nehrim:Alma's Light Armor and Weapons Armorer, Light Armor
Upper Stores Nehrim:Utilia Nehrim:Utilia's Alchemy Store Alchemy, Illusion
Upper Stores Nehrim:Malogos Nathran Nehrim:Malogos' Magic Restoration, Destruction
Nehrim:Arena Nehrim:Arena Fighter Jor Nehrim:Arena Athletics, Blade
Nehrim:Arena Nehrim:Arena Fighter Tirtan Nehrim:Arena Acrobatics
Nehrim:Arena Nehrim:Balgo Nehrim:Arena

Blunt, Heavy Armor, Light Armor

Other trainers

Name Building/Place Available Skill Upgrade
Nehrim:Mardo Nehrim:Creator's Shrine The Sixth Proclamation Mysticism


Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Instructors LehrerBasicQuest
Stage End Q Journal Entry
1 Philus in the barracks of Cahbaet teaches the blade, light armor, and marksman skills.
2 Narima teaches Arcane magic in her store in Ostian.
3 Persan from the Federal Bureau Of Fortune Restriction in Ostian teaches sword fighting, heavy armor, and acrobatics.
5 Lethian in the Templars' Hall of the Sanctum teaches Restoration.
10 Isetius in the Mages' Hall of the Sanctum teaches Illusion.
15 Tanriea, whom I will find in the Mages' House of the Sanctum, teaches Alteration as well as light armor.
20 Louis, the smith in Erothin, is an expert of craftmanship and above that teaches blocking and blunt weapons.
25 Duncan Kreuz in the Erothin Market Quarter teaches heavy armor.
30 Teldron in the Shadow Mages' Hall of the Sanctum is a master at the art of Destruction.
35 Gogornin the Shadow Mages' Hall of the Sanctum teaches Arcane magic.
40 Golag, the smith of Giliad, teaches craftmanship and heavy armor.
45 Mathilda, the Erothin merchant for light armor, also teaches how to use it.
50 Lathorius, who trains during the day on the practice grounds of the Arcane Sanctum can teach me blocking, swordfighting and using blunt weapons.
60 Alma in the commercial district of Erothin can teach the arts of alchemy.
65 Hassan Mardun in the Mage Cave of Erothin can teach me in swordfighting, marksmanship and light armor.
70 Jamal in the Mage Cave of Erothin can instruct me in restoration.
75 Brother Patrick in Giliad can instruct me in restoration and mysticism.
80 Magnus in Cahbaet teaches destruction and light armor.
85 Elgor, the blacksmith in Cahbaet gives instruction dealing with blunt weapons, armoring and heavy armor.
90 Sankta Maia in the Mountain Monastery teaches destruction.
95 Lithia in the sewers of Erothin teaches archery and light armor.
100 Lectus in the sewers of Erothin teaches the art of speechcraft and haggling.
105 Merruk in the sewers of Erothin teaches stealth and security.
110 Teldron in the sewers of Erothin teaches the use of blades, blunt weapons, heavy armor and blocking.
115 Sarah, who trains during the day in the Mountain Monastery, can teach me about blades, light armor and blocking.
120 Kahldor in the Tavern of the Tirin Abbey can train me in both archery and swordplay.
125 Constantine in the Mountain Monastery teaches restoration.
130 Nara in the Mountain Monastery teaches illusion, light armor and alchemy.
135 Osmar, the blacksmith in the Mountain Monastery, teaches blunt weapon, heavy armor, armorer and blocking.
140 Sinor, the hunter before the Mountain Monastery in the Northrealm, teaches marksmanship and stealth.
145 The hunter Marius near the Tirirn Abbey teaches archery, light armor and sneak.
150 Larthana, an anchoret on a snowy high plateau near the Sanctum, teaches most magic schools and alchemy.
155 Oretius, who trains in the upper ring of Cahbaet, also teaches alteration.
158 Nina in her store in Cahbaet teaches sneaking.
160 Rodizius in the pirate hideout on the coast of Salathin Forest teaches security, sneak and haggling.
165 Tastor in the barracks of Cahbaet instructs in blunt weapon, heavy armor and block.
170 Balin in the Mountain Monastery teaches alteration and mysticism.
175 Toruk of the Federal Bureau of Fortune Restriction in Ostian teaches eloquence, haggling, sneak and security.
180 Jina of the Federal Bureau of Fortune Restriction in Ostian teaches in archery, athletics and light armor.
185 Malogos Nathran can teach me destruction and restoration in his house in Ostian.
190 Alma the blacksmith in Ostian instructs in light armor and armorer.
191 Balgo in the Ostian arena teaches the use of light and heavy armour as well as blunt weapons.
192 Arena fighter Jor in the Ostian arena knows a lot about sword fighting and athletics.
193 Arena fighter Tirtan in the Ostian arena can teach me about light armour and acrobatics.
195 Jonas, the smith at the big square in Ostian, gives lessons in the use of blunt weapons, heavy armor and armorer.
200 Mardo at the Shrine of the Sixth Announcement of the Creator teaches the school of mysticism.
205 Utilia teaches alchemy and illusion at her house in Ostian.
210 Amhvel in Waverock teaches block, heavy armor and craftsmanship.
215 Brother Nimal in Waverock teaches illusion and restoration.
220 Targor, the fence in Erothin, teaches me in acrobatics, athletics and archery. His shop is in the Backyard of Erothin.
225 The light-footed Ann in the sewers of Erothin teaches athletics and acrobatics.
230 Maius in the sewers of Erothin teaches mysticism and alteration.
235 The hooded figure in the area behind the beggar in the Erothin port teaches me in destruction, eloquence and light armor.
240 A dark figure, just off the intersection on the outskirts of Furtsanden in the direction of Giliad, teaches me in archery, security and illusion.
245 The veteran warrior Khurn in Salen teaches in sword fighting, blocking, and blunt weapon use.
250 Midas in the main square of Cahbaet teaches acrobatics, sneak and security.
255 Seria teaches at the Grand Place of Cahbaet in athletics, haggling and eloquence.


There is no special entry for finished quest.