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These books can be found only in few places or bought at Nehrim:Balgo in Nehrim:Ostian, Nehrim:Arena or Nehrim:Hunter in Nehrim:Castle Darlan.

Clicking on textbooks adds to your Learning Points (+1).


Place/Building Exact Location
The Middlerealm
Nehrim:Abandoned Mine of Taerar on the floor near the wooden bridge
Aldlefd on the crate
Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum on Nehrim:Commander Ardon in removed SQ Nehrim:Layers or judge?
Nehrim:Erothin Erothin, Southern Main Tower, on the table
Nehrim:Erothin, Bank in lockbox 221
Nehrim:Erothin, Barracks in one chamber on the table
Nehrim:Erothin, Fortress Plaza Erothin, Fortress - Chapel, Side Wing on the table
Nehrim:Erothin. Nehrim:Harbor right of the entrance in Harbour House, in the rocky garden
Nehrim:Fetheran Cave near the stone coffin in second level
Nehrim:Fortress of Aman in Cross Hall on the bench
Iselas Ruins on the stone coffin in Vault Of Isela
Nehrim:Old Border Watch in Old Border Station, Keep on the table
Ruins of Armonar on the beam left of the entrance
Nehrim:Ruins of Astardoth on the chest
Nehrim:The Burial Mound in a mound during Bounty quest
Nehrim:The Lonely Towers on Dwarven Thief
Nehrim:The Lonely Towers on Nehrim:Tower Lord Malock
Nehrim:Zerobilon in last chamber
Nehrim:Zerobilon Steinwelt (Stone world) in Reward barrel in SQ Nehrim:A Game Grotesque
Nehrim:Zerobilon, Weltenraum (Hall of Worlds) in Reward barrel in SQ Nehrim:Advanced Tower Defense
The Northrealm
Nehrim:Cahbaet Lotta's House on the drawer
Castle Darlan in your chamber
Nehrim:Fortress of Pandorn Crypt Of Pandorn
Nehrim:Sunken Site on the barrel
The Southrealm
Nehrim:Ostian on Nehrim:Officer in MQ Nehrim:Unexpected Difficulties
Nehrim:The Soulforge (3 copies)

Two copies in a small room at the northern end of level 3 and one copy in the middle of level 3 (see map)

The Realm of Treomar
Nehrim:Library Of Treomar Main chamber, hidden near the transparent bridge during the MQ Nehrim:The Ruins of Treomar

There are two types of this books in game, the only differece is in price, the found books are much cheaper than those buyable at Merchants.

File:LPbook.png Type File:Price.jpg File:Weight.jpg ID
Textbook (+1 LP) - Found 80 0,10 0022B961
Textbook (+1 LP) - Buyable 850 0,10 0022BF1D

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