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General Information

It is not possible to travel to Ostian before Journey into Madness (Act IV of the main quest line) as crossing the border to the Southrealm is prohibited.


Ostian is located in the southern part of the Southrealm. It is a port city conveniently positioned almost in the heart of the Southrealm.

Political System



The common people of Ostian live in constant fear of the Gods and are humiliated by them. The humans' feeling of inferiority is reiterated in proclamations on the Shrines. You can learn a lot about the relation between the gods and their subjects by completing the side quest Pilgrimage.


The statue in the center of Ostian is a symbol for the system as a whole. According to Narathzul, it is the symbol of the temple's perverse teaching. By blowing up the symbol, it is possible to overthrow the entire theocratic regime and to release the oppressed people of the Southrealm. You can recognize the statue by the exalted Preacher who is standing in front of it.




The Rule of the Gods

A few decades before the time you start the game the Temple erected a theocracy, a dominion of the gods, in the Southrealm. Since that time the country was completely isolated from the remaining parts of Nehrim.

Planting the Seed of Revolution

Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal wants you to incite the people of the Southrealm to rebel against the Temple in order to prevent a war with the Southrealm when he, Narathzul, dethrones the Light-Born and becomes The Shadow God. According to Narathzul, the people there desire freedom but lack someone or something that would prompt the revolt. Narathzul adds that the people there are fiercely suppressed, beaten and abused.


You will incite the people to revolt against their oppressors by blowing up the statue in the center of Ostian.

Literature: Backgrounds of the Southrealm, The Outcasts of Ostian.



  • Marketplace - a shopping plaza
  • Upper Stores - an area with a wide range of shops
  • Harbour - here you can find the House At The Harbour (the one where Callisto stays and conceives his plans) and your personal Safe Storage
  • Lighthouse - a huge lighthouse under construction
  • Slums - the eastern part of the city with abandoned houses
  • Arena - the place for fighting
  • Nehrim:Palace of Ostian - an inaccessible place


There are plenty of services available in Ostian:



Secure Chest

The secure chest is located at the Harbour, near the House at the Harbour, just around the corner.


The teleport platform is located on the hill with a lighthouse under construction.

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Merchants and Trainers Common Citizens