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Tirin Abbey

The first village where you arrive during your adventures in Nehrim. It used to be a safe haven for you. Here, you spent your childhood, protected by the teacher, High Priest Aratornias. It is a peaceful and quiet village with a few trade routes. You can find a Safe Storage Chest in the centre of the Abbey. The village has some basic buildings, an Inn, a Chapel, a Teleportation Platform, a cemetery, and some beehives.

You can also break into some places:

Nehrim:Tirin Abbey, Leanah's Farm

When crossing the bridge which leads out of Tirin Abbey you will come across a small farm with some domestic animals and a field. If you are planning to focus on the Alchemy skill, you can collect a lot of Corn Stalk from the field near Leanah's House. Nearby you will notice an entrance to a locked Shed (easy). Inside the shed you will be attacked by one Nasty Kobold. Apart from the Kobold, there are plenty of flour portions to collect and numerous dishes.


File:Tirin Abbey location.jpg
Tirin Abbey location

East of the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine Site, by the lake.

Coordinates for Map marker:






Secure Chest

The Secure Chest is located near the tavern.


A Nehrim:Teleport platform can be found near the Chapel.

General merchants

Nehrim:Spell Merchants


Nehrim:Other services

Items Found

Only Tirin Abbey outside.

Special loot







  • You can buy lockpicks from a Nehrim:Traveling Dealer.
  • Nehrim:Gerold the Hunter sells some Nehrim:Hunting Books . They are quite expensive, but you will be able to create some useful potions from the extracted ingredients.
  • Break into the Forest Shack and steal Hunting Book (skinning). They are expensive, but useful.
  • Inside the Inn, when walking down the stairs, you should notice a small Chest. Jump there and you will find Coal x15.
  • Buy Teleport spell from the Nehrim:High Priest Aratornias. You will probably need it in the future.