Nehrim:Search for My Roots

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Quest information

Quest Giver Given after you talk with Nehrim:High Priest Aratornias Search for my root icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Tirin Abbey, Nehrim:Castle of Stonefield, Nehrim:Ledur, Nehrim:Secret Vault
Locations Nehrim:High Priest Aratornias, Nehrim:Maltin the Smith


Your character's origins are a mystery; when he/she leaves the abbey for the first time, he/she decides that this also is a excellent time to search his/hers roots.


Hollow Tree Stump
Painted Picture

Nehrim:Tirin Abbey

Search the chest at the end of your bed inside the abbey. In it you will find a painted picture. Take it and the quest will be updated. Go to the island between the old fishermanhut and another island where is a boat.. On it you will find a Hollow Tree Stump (it is easy to notice by plenty of Fly Amanita mushrooms surrounding the stump), search it (use Spacebar on the tree) to find a knife (Unedged Blade). When you have taken it, a new update will urge you to search out the royal smith in Nehrim:Castle of Stonefield

Nehrim:Castle of Stonefield

Go to the courtyard of the Nehrim:Castle of Stonefield at daytime and you will spot the smith. Talk to him and he will tell you that the knife was stolen from him by a child from a village named Nehrim:Ledur. Here, in Stonefield, the child used to be fascinated by his forging the weapons and he often saw the child staring at his work. One day, when the war broke out, some soldiers set up a camp in front of the castle. The smith promises to tell you more of the story if you agree to give him the knife back as the dagger was forged for the royal family (the Bodenbruuks) and it had been stolen. The smith mentions that the dagger is of no use for it as you can neither sell nor use it. However, if you give it back to him, he will exchange it for another, more useful weapon and he will share the story of the child with you. Once you agree (you have no other option), he states that the village of Nehrim:Ledur was devastated and leveled to the ground by the raging army. As most of the villagers died in the attack, it is most likely that the child had lost its parents. The child stole the dagger and therefore the old Bodenbruuk was furious. When the smith finishes his story, he then gives you a Stonefield Dagger in return for the knife. Follow the road north to go to Ledur.


Walk around for a while in the destroyed town, and you will receive a flashback. You will wake up in your old childhood home. You need to walk out the house, and then follow the men in grey robes (Nehrim:Hooded Figures) to a hatch. When you wake up you will need to find the hatch again. Follow the same path to the hatch, but you will need to enter in the back, you will also need a pickaxe to get through the wall.

The hatch to Nehrim:Secret Vault will lead you to a tunnel that leads to a big open room. At the podium in front you will see some scrolls. Read them, and the quest is completed.


  • Stonefield Dagger
  • 600 EP


  • You can find a pickaxe at Stonefield store "Tarenka's Store".
  • Additionally, you can climb to the second floor of the house beside the hatch to find a pickaxe and a Runed Iron Claymore.


  • Follow the tunnel a little longer, and you will reach a locked door that cannot be picked (you will not find the key here).
  • The locked door leads to Nehrim:Castle Ledur. It is inhabited by the Nehrim:Smuggler of Sildonar and a bandit Nehrim:Prince Galdor. He carries the Nina's Key to the locked door to the Ledur tunnels.
  • Do not mistake Pickaxe (weapon) for a Pickaxe (T). You can break the wall only if you have the tool. Simply use spacebar on the Weak Wall.
  • When in your childhood home, you cannot loot anything.
  • The quest is finished at the point where you find the note on the table. It was supposed to be longer, but the idea was abandoned by the authors. Ledur Castle is a place which seemingly was supposed to be a part of the quest. However, the castle is not officially the part of the quest.
  • There is another version describing the destruction of Nehrim:Ledur. The author of Nehrim:Story Of A Prisoner is a man who claims that monsters killed the town.

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Search for My Roots NQ05
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 After my current resignation, I realized that I have never really ever left the Tirin Abbey. As long as I can imagine this always has been my home. I know nothing about my own past, who my father and my mother were. Now that I'm leaving the Abbey, I can take time to find my own roots. Maybe I should first re-examine the things in my chest that rests at the foot of my bed for clues.
10 In the chest, there isn't much but an old drawing of mine. I don't know why I have kept it, I must have drawn it a long time ago. It seems to be of the Abby and the valley. I put an x and a sword on the island in the lake... Child's dream of fantasy treasure or something else? I wonder what kind of treasure I hid there.
15 In the stump on the island, I found an old dagger, on its hilt is engraved: "Maltin, Royal Smith, Stonefield." How did I come into the possession of such a dagger, a princely one as that? I should go to Stonefield to see if I can clear this up. Maybe the smith Maltin still remembers this dagger.
20 The Smith actually remembered. I was a refugee from Ledur and stole the dagger from his forge in Stonefield, when the mercenaries brought me here to their camp. Whatever my reason were, I must now find this Ledur - or at least what is left of it.
25 I arrived at the ruins of my home village; as I walked around a strange feeling came over me. My childhood suddenly appeared clearly before my eyes, as if it were just yesterday.
26 Those hooded men do not look as if they are in panic over the attack. Something is not right about them. Perhaps, I should follow them.
28 That hatch - I absolutely must find out what lies below it.
29 This wall looks fragile. With a pickaxe I should be able to break it down.
35 End It looks like the bandits out of the castle near the village were not entirely innocent. They were in on the fighting in and around Ledur. They have artificially provoked both sides of the Middle and Northrealms, so that their organization here could continue their activities undisturbed. The city was destroyed, our house burned down and my parents murdered. I wonder who were the mercenaries, who took me to safety. Well, there is not much more I can learn about my past here.