Nehrim:Frostfinger Bounty

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Wanted Nehrim:Frostfinger Icon nq00i.jpg
Location Frostfinger's Sanctuary
Reward 300 Gold pieces

Frostfinger Bounty Quest


The fourth bounty quest. The authorities are looking for a cranky mage called Nehrim:Frostfinger, who appears to be a powerful mage as everyone who tried to capture him was turned into a giant ice cube.


Receive the quest from a noticeboard in one of the towns. You are warned, "Cranky mage called Frostfinger" and "everyone who tried to capture him ended up as a giant ice cube". You can guess what you're in for. Follow your quest marker to Nehrim:Frostfinger's sanctuary (I could give you safe route, but I always go as the crow flies. Reasons are listed below in tips). When approaching the Sanctuary you will be attacked by two frost spheres. Once inside you will encounter more frost spheres and Nehrim:Frostfinger's Bear. Carry on through and you will meet three Nehrim:Frost Elementals on your way to Nehrim:Frostfinger. Frostfinger attacks with frost arrows and frost fist. He also has a habit of running away and healing himself.

Once Frostfinger is dispatched you receive a quest update, "This book seems to be the source of his power". Pick up Frostfinger's Almanac. For 5 LP you can learn the spell Create Frost Sphere. This spell costs an arcane stone each time it is used. It causes frost damage and slows down enemies. It is also one of the very few conjuration spells in Nehrim.

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  • In the first part of the cave, kill the roosters. Otherwise you won't be able to use stealth. Be prepared to battle the bear.
  • Just past the bear is a corpse, which has 2 fire arrows on it. They are useful against Frostfinger (not enough to kill him, but it's a start).
  • You will also find other loot in the cave. Some chests with misc or levelled items - a Teleporter stone and Arcane stones.
  • Frostfingers is a joke. Silence him and he will attack you with his fists.
  • There are several reason to go as the crow flies: It's a good choice for you if you are you an alchemist or if you wish to raise your level. From Nehrim:Giliad to Frostfinger's Sanctuary, you can harvest well over 100 plants, including some unique plants. You are attacked by 3 wolves, 1 black bear, 2 mountain lions and 2 diseased deer.