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Bounty Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Stage End Q Journal Entry
1 I have decided to accept one of the bounty orders. I will search for Crude Kurtus. A reward of 150 gold pieces is offered for his death.
2 Crude Kurtus is no more. Now I should go back to the board and collect my reward.
3 I have collected the bounty on Crude Kurtus: 150 gold coins.
5 A bounty of 200 gold pieces will be awarded for the capture of Bertulus the Slasher.
6 I found Bertulus the Slasher and put an end to his activities. Whatever he once slashed – he slashes no more.
7 I received the bounty for Bertulus.
10 Sly Eye, the Slasher's brother, is still on the loose. His camp is located somewhere below Castle Stonefield inside the forest. I will take care of him.
11 Sly Eye is gone. At the board I will get my reward.
12 Sly Eye's death brought me 300 pieces of gold.
15 The authorities are looking for a cranky mage called Frostfinger. He appears to be a powerful mage - everyone who tried to capture him ended up as a giant ice cube. Sounds like I'd better prepare some fire magic before I make my way into his territory.
16 I defeated Frostfinger. This book here seems to be the source of his power – it might be useful.
17 I received a reward of 500 gold pieces for Frostfinger.
20 A mage named Death Fairy is the next one on my list. Her camp is situated somewhere above of Baldur's Bridge. As it seems, she has a group of dark minions on her side. I must take care.
21 This bone artist is history... but what was that sound?
22 For the Death Fairy's head I received 700 gold pieces.
25 The authorities want to see Kiril Coaldust dead. After murdering the charburner who lived north of the Shadow Song Mine, he is now dwelling in his victim's house together with his men. The reward is 300 gold coins.
26 I have eliminated Kiril Coaldust. Now back to the board.
27 I have received the reward of 300 gold coins for Kiril Coaldust's death.
30 People are afraid of a cruel fiend called "The Butcher". He is a great threat for public security. The reward is set at 850 gold coins. Some Middlerealm soldiers were already sent out in order to take care of Butcher, but haven't returned.
31 It seems that the Middlerealm soldiers have already cleared this place of all creatures. These beasts appear to be of the same kind as the ones that protected the Death Fairy - could there be a coincidence?
32 Despite their desperate fighting, the soldiers were ultimately all killed and thus their mission remains uncompleted.
33 I have put a stop to the Butcher's game. He's now lying in his own blood.
34 I received the noble bounty of 850 gold coins for the Butcher's death.
35 The next one on the list is a dwarven thief. He been tracked down and now barricades himself inside the Lonley Towers near Cape Aman.
36 The dwarf blew himself away with explosives. I guess this mission has resolved itself.
37 The dwarven thief's death brought me 250 gold coins.
40 The Juggler is being wanted. His last known position has been marked on my map.
41 The Juggler wanted to outwit me. He failed.
42 I raked in the bounty for the Juggler.
45 My next quest leads me into the vicinity of the Gate of Cahbaet. I am entrusted to put an end to a band of berserkers attacking the lands around the gate. A bounty of 1000 could turn this mission into quite a profit for me.
46 The leader of the Berserker is dead.
47 The untimely demise of the berserker leader earned me a neat reward.
50 The Middle ream is looking for an "apple-smuggler," the refuge somewhere in or under the Apple Horn Yard. I must find him and make the access. The bounty is only 250 gold, but maybe there are in his sanctuary, except apples, still find the odd treasure - if it will be just a perception, how to get rich by smuggling apple ...
51 I found in the basement of an Apple Horn Yard a apple horn track - interesting! I should investigate.
52 The "The Applesmuggler" is finished and with it the biggest black Nehrim distillery.
53 The bounty for the smuggler (250 gold), I stressed one. So it looks but not out after that I have to sell off my prey to cheap booze will ...
55 The next on the list is a crazy Manhunter who shoots from his tree house near Sildre from passersby. There are 650 gold on his head.
56 The Manhunter arrived in the eternal hunting grounds.
57 I received the bounty for the Manhunter.
60 In the desert a unholy priest cause mischief. This undead lich should be silenced. The reward is 1200 gold this time.
61 The unholy priest is in the desert dust.
62 I received the bounty, which was exposed to the head of the unholy undead priest.
65 There was a bounty of 1500 on a poisoner, who settled in the desert of Ostian and poisoned with his tinctures groundwater.
66 The poisoner is dead. A Desertgoblin who delves into the art of alchemy - I hope he remains an isolated incident ...
67 The death of the poisoner is reported. The 1500 gold are now mine.
70 On the big sea gate of the southern realm strange things going on. A sect that has its quarters there is said to have opened a portal into another dimension, from escaping the undead. It would clean up at the time there.
71 The undead Duchess is eliminated.
72 That's it, I cashed my last bounty.


  • † - There is not a special end for the Wanted Quest, there are totally 10 missions for now.