Nehrim:Fights in the Ostian Arena

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Quest Information

Quest Giver: A notice pinned to the walls inside Nehrim:Ostian.


Locations: Nehrim:Arena


Go to the Arena in the northen part of Ostian. Inside, there are some Arena Fighters that offer skill improvements. Balgor, near the Board (where you get the fights) sells armor for the fights.To go on a fight, activate the Board next to Balgor, and choose "Enroll in a fight" to lower the gates nearby and go to the Arena. The reward of the fight gets higher as you do more and more fights.Sometimes you will have to fight 2 or 3 arena combatants, or wild animals. There's also some fights that you'll have another fighter as an ally.




  • There is a total of 44 fights in the game before you finish the quest. The last fight against the yellow champion is a tough one, but worth it! You'll get over 5.000 XP in this fight alone plus 5.000 XP for finishing the quest.


Before you start, take a look to the cages hanging from the ceiling. If they are filled with people, be prepared for a nasty (but weak) surprise attack once you finish all the "official" fighters