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In Mountain Monastery

Lvl File:Health.jpg File:Magic.jpg Race Class Gender Essential BaseID RefID
100 860 860 Alemanne2Callisto Mage Male Yes 001A9DB 001D7E39

In Ostian

Lvl File:Health.jpg File:Magic.jpg Race Class Gender Essential BaseID RefID
100 595 960 Alemanne2 Mage Male No 001EEBD8 001EEBDE


Callisto is a human and the head of the Order in the Northrealm. After Nehrim:Merzul's death at Nehrim:Barateon's hand, Callisto becomes the leader of the Order until the return of Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal. Callisto is extremely suspicious of everyone and resourceful when it comes to inventing new plans. When Kim was teleported by Arkt to the Monastery, it took Callisto some time to believe that Nehrim:Kim was indeed sent by Arkt. In contrast to Merzul, Callisto is surprisingly short-tempered and easily annoyed. He is also very careful in his judgement and although he does finally admit that you and Kim are his most gifted students, you will not hear a word of praise from him too often.

Callisto's Leadership


Pickpocketed Items



  • Holding the position of the head of the Order, Callisto shares the same views as Nehrim:Merzul and his Order.
  • However, his methods seem a a bit more radical. But, on the other hand, maybe that is what the Order needs in order to survive.
  • When the need arises, Callisto decides to serach for help in Cahbaet. Although he does not approve of the new leader (he calls him a wannabe leader) heis aware of the fact that he needs any help he can receive. In the worlds of Callisto, The enemies of our enemies are after all our friends. At least for now.
  • On religion: Religion is true for common men, false for the wise and useful for rulers.

Disagreement with Kim


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