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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:Callisto In te underworld icon.jpg
NPCs Callisto, Nehrim:The Conductor, Nehrim:Haimon, the Star King, Nehrim:Captain Dratis, Nehrim:Taranor
Locations Nehrim:Old Cave Pass, Nehrim:Daromith Temple, Nehrim:Crypt of Daromith, Nehrim:Daromith Mine, Nehrim:Anku, the Great North Cleft, Nehrim:Cahbaet


As the Monastery is besieged by Nehrim:Barateon's soldiers, Callisto ordered you to jump into the well in order to find a passageway to the city of the dwarves and ultimately to Nehrim:Cahbaet, the main city in the Northrealm. Cahbaet is currently under siege by Barateon's soldiers so their leader, Taranor, would become the Orders ally out of necessity. The problem is that the dwarves might simply not want to reveal the secret passage to Cahbaet to any foreigners. Callisto advises you to be very careful while dealing with dwarves as they do not approve of being called 'dwarves', which is a name imposed on them by humans. Their real name is the Star People.


Nehrim:Old Cave Pass (part I)

  • Raise the wooden wheel

Once you are inside the cave, you will find out that one way is blocked by a huge wooden wheel sunk in the water. Go straight on and you will encounter two rats. Kill them and in the same room you should find a narrow wooden passage (next to the two barrels). Following this road you will come across a hand-wheel. Use it to lift the huge wooden wheel. Now you can go back to the first room and proceed further under the raised wheel.

  • Find the hidden passage

Climb up the stair until you reach a room filled with skeletons. Having eliminated them, go up the winding staircase. At the top you will find yourself in a snowy area. Enter the passage which leads downwards. You are in a cave now. Here the road seems to diverge, but in the end both of them lead to the same location, so choose any of them. Here you will encounter some Fire Elementals. Follow the main road until you notice a wooden structure. Climb the wooden stairs to the building. In the last room (the one with the bed) you should discover a hidden passage behind the wall hanging. Enter the door to the Old Cave Pass.

Nehrim:Old Cave Pass (part II)

  • Prepare for a battle

You should find yourself positioned in a circular snowy area with some beams brightening the area. On a nearby table you can equip yourself with some basic items that may come in handy during the prospective battle. Climb up the stairs and approach the three stone statues (the middle one is wearing a crown). As soon as you have come nearer to the statues and entered the circular platform, your way back will have already disappeared.

- Look to the left - a new bridge will appear and you will be attacked by a large number of trolls. Deal with them.

- Look to the right - a new bridge will appear and you will be attacked by a large number of trolls. Deal with them.

The hard part here is not to get kicked off the platform by the trolls. Try keeping your distance to the rim of the platform! Also, a good tactic is to deal with as many trolls as possible before they have even reached the central platform.

After successfully defeating your opponents, you will notice the ground underneath starting to shake, and the platform will start to collapse. Welcome to Daromith Temple!

Nehrim:Daromith Temple (part I)

  • Reach the barred gate

In order to proceed further into the temple you need to jump up the wooden planks until you find yourself in an area surrounded by lava. Jump off the stone bridge onto one of the oblong structures over the lava. Climb up the rocks to reach stone stairs. There is a barred gate with a pressure plate in front of it. Step on the plate for the purpose of lowering the barred gate.

  • Operate the mechanism

As soon as you have passed through the gate, the way behind becomes blocked again. You will be attacked by a Dwarf Guard and a Flame Elemental. Proceed in the east direction and climb up the stairs. In the SE corner of the room you will find a wheel along with a hammer and a potion. Pick it up (especially the wheel). After leaving the room turn left (NW) and you will come across a broken lever. It does not work so simply ignore it. (You can gather some equipment in a nearby throne room). Continue going in the NE direction until you notice a grate, a lever and a barred gate. First, examine the grate by opening it and pressing the axle (if you already have the wheel it will automatically fit into the the gear). Now you can pull the lever and open the barred gate.

  • Find a way through the ruins

Again, the gate behind you closes and makes it impossible to go back. Following the main road will prove to be out of question as it is blocked by a number of boulders. Another way has to be found. Return to the initial gate and turn east from that point. You will notice stairs up. Take this route and face the Dwarf Guard. In one of the rooms you will find Spell Breaker (shield). Go to the room with bunk beds and jump through the window and deal with the Flame Elemental.

  • Reach the massive gate

You will enter another part of the ancient temple filled with lava. Jump over the ruined debris of staircases and carefully climb upwards until you jump on a staircase that leads further into the temple. Kill a Dwarf Guard and move over the crated bridge. Deal with the Flame Elemental and proceed eastwards where you will be encountered by two other Flame Elementals. Finally, go straight on and turn left. Up the stairs a massive gate will open. Enter it.

Nehrim:Daromith Temple (part II)

  • Reach the massive gate

On your way through the huge halls you will be confronted by a number of undead creatures, namely Dwarf Spirits, Elite Dwarf Spirits and a Doom Bringer. Having dealt with them, your way seems to diverge into two directions:

- to the south (left staircase)

- to the north (right staircase)

It is insignificant which way you opt for, as both of them lead to the same destination (a huge bright hall with crates). Here you should kill the Dwarf Guard and jump on the stone bridge over the water (the staircase that leads down into the water does not go to any particular place). In the next hall you will be presented with another choice concerning the staircases:

- to the east - this staircase leads to a room with a large chest and a potion.

- to the west - this staircase leads to a massive gate. In order to reach them jump on the stairs in the middle.

Nehrim:Crypt of Daromith (part I)

  • Awaken King Daromith

In the vast chamber you will find remains of Nehrim:King Daromith and a pressure plate in front of him. Step on the pressure plate to raise two crated platforms in the center of the chamber. Stepping on the second platform will awaken the undead King. Defeat him and wait patiently as the platform reaches the upper level of the crypt.

  • Awaken the stone giant

Walk up the hallways and staircases until the road splits into two directions:

- to the right (south) - a dead end road.

- to the left (north) - the direction that you should choose.

As soon as you start climbing up the huge stone staircase you should quickly turn back, as a huge boulder will start heading in your direction. When you have safely avoided the confrontation, continue walking up the stairs and face two Dwarf Spirits. Follow the staircases again and at the end you will be encountered by a Dwarf Guard. Deal with him and go straight on till you notice a chest, a horn and a table. In the distance you can observe a huge stone statue of a fallen giant imprisoned behind a crate. When you read the table, it says: Call the giant, wake him up. Do as the note instructs you and blow the horn. Apparently, the horn will fail to awaken the giant. However, the quest diary will suggest that blowing again might cause a different and more favorable effect. Indeed, by blowing the horn again some falling stones will bring about the opening of the crate. Proceed to the gate and go past the stone giant to face a Skeleton Guard. Having dealt with him, take the road southwards and walk through cavernous tunnels. Finally, fall into the hole at the end of the tunnel.

Nehrim:Crypt of Daromith (part II)

  • Find a way through the ruins

Follow the cavernous tunnel until you find a narrow stone foot-bridge fixed to the right wall that leads you over the dizzying chasm. On your way you will move along gleaming purple crystals The way here seems quite straightforward, simply go straight on. When you are unable to go further due to some obstacles then look down and jump on the narrow foot-bridge underneath. Continue going along this foot-bridge until it ends and again look down and jump on another foot-bridge below. You will find yourself in a huge chamber with a large chest in the middle (it contains some money and Teleport Rune). Inside this chamber you can find two passages, both of them lead westwards:

- west (narrow cavernous tunnel) - if you follow this road you will come across a large chest (Rune Silence IV).

- west (stone staircase) - the main one

Follow the road that leads down the staircase and a stone-covered road to face a Doom Bringer. Going straight on you will find two skeletons and a wheel on the wall in the center of the chamber. Having successfully dealt with them, examine the chamber. You will notice that your way is blocked by a huge gate. There is no way to go through the gate or to lift it. In the very same chamber you should notice two 'lowered' staircases (you can recognize them by white-colored steps on the ground). When standing near the wheel pull the wheel. It will raise the further staircase (the one on the left, facing the north). Climb up the raised staircase and proceed westwards (keep close to the right wall and do not get yourself distracted by going down the other stairs as they might mislead you). After going past a small side room jump onto the stairs ahead and proceed south and then south-west until you perceive a small stone window frame. Jump through the window into the vast chamber.

  • Survive the zombie attack

Once you are in the chamber, examine it carefully. You should discover two essential spots:

  1. A room with a big horn and a skeleton.
  2. Staircase that leads to a barred gate.

At this point the barred gate is of no interest to you, so direct your attention to the room with a horn and a skeleton. As soon as you enter the room, the gate behind you will close. Examine the skeleton as he holds a book which says that actually here lies King Daromith I. Gather some equipment and brace yourself for a challenging battle. Blow the horn only when you are ready. The resonant sound of the horn will draw the attention of a score of undeads who will start to break the gate open. Once they have succeeded to do so, a boss (Nehrim:Undead) with the company of a huge number of low-leveled zombies will swarm the room. Having achieved victory over the hordes leave the room and head towards the staircase which leads to a barred gate. On your way there you will be attacked by some remaining zombies. The barred gate will now be lowered so you can continue your way unobstructed.

File:Hornblower of Daromith.jpg
Hornblower of Daromith
  • Defeat the Hornblower of Daromith

On your way you will find a staircase that leads upwards. When climbing up the staircase it might appear that the rest of the steps are missing and the staircase itself is unfinished. But do not get discouraged and continue climbing up. You will notice that the steps will wondrously start to to appear in front of you with your every step. In the meantime, you will hear someone blowing a horn twice. Continue walking up the strange staircase until you encounter the one who blew the horns, that is Nehrim:Hornblower of Daromith. But before you decide to face him, collect some equipment and make ready for a battle. Take a closer look at the boss. He is at the other side guarding a barred gate. It is only possible to kill him from distance, so prepare some spells, scrolls or a bow and arrows (you can find these on/near the table in the same room). Once you have killed Daromith, the barred gate will open and you can continue your journey through the crypt. Finally, walk on the crate and wait until it takes you upwards to the next area.

Nehrim:Daromith Mine (part I)

  • Find your way through the maze (part I)

Proceed straight on and down the stairs. You will come across some scattered oars and two boats. The boats do not play any important part in finishing the quest. Go upstairs until you reach a huge open area with a number of glowing spheres and a maze of narrow elevated footbridges. Your goal is to find the entrance to a tunnel located to the west. To do so, you can choose different ways, but the most straightforward seems this one:

- go up the stairs

- turn right (west) and go straight on (in the west direction) all the time until you stop (because the footbridge ends). Do not turn right!

- look down - you will see a small narrow footbridge underneath. Jump onto it. Continue going straight along this footbridge and enter the tunnel.

  • Find your way through the maze (part II)

Walk through the tunnel and you will find yourself facing a huge chamber (with a candlestick and a statue of a dwarf). Still in this chamber, climb up the stairs to the right (north). The stairs will lead you to another vast chamber (again with a statue of a dwarf and some candlesticks). As before, climb up the staircase and you will have to tackle another maze with elevated footbridges. Do not jump on the platform in front of you. Instead of this, turn left (north) and jump on the platform fixed to the left wall. Follow the platform as it leads you to another tunnel with staircases and ultimately you will find yourself positioned above a huge chamber. (It is not recommended to jump down as not only will you get considerably hurt, but you will also have to come back to the same place you are now) Walk around the chamber by keeping to the left wall. In one room you will find a staircase that leads downwards. Go there.

  • Defeat the Minotaur

Now you will find yourself in an area which consists of rooms filled with different bursting spheres. Here your aim is to reach the Bestiary. In order to do so, take the following route:

- go north (into a room with two purple spheres)

- turn left (west) and right (north) into a room with no spheres

- turn right (east) - into a tunnel that leads downwards

Continue going straight on and a frost sphere will burst beside you. Following the main road you will come across some rocks. Peeping through the crack in the rocks you will notice an immobile statue of a huge minotaur. To the left, there is a table which says Bestiary. Follow the tunnel that leads to the Bestiary. When the road branches, turn right (north). Once you have entered the Bestiary, the portcullis will block your way back. Prepare yourself for another challenging battle. Jump into the room only when you are ready because as soon as you touch the ground the Minotaur will come to life and attack you. Having defeated the Minotaur, examine the chamber:

- tunnel facing north - here you will find some lockpicks' and gold stored in a chest

- a road marked by a line of dancing and flickering flames.

  • Follow the dancing flames

The flames will lead your way and point to the direction that you should choose. Follow them until you are faced with a Dwarf Guard. In the very same room you will notice that it is impossible to follow the flames' trail this time as they are unreachable. You will need to figure out another way out. Climb up the staircase in the center of the room. The staircase leads to a stone 'rooftop'. Exactly in the middle of the rooftop you will find some rails and two platforms that are distinguished from their surroundings. The Transport Platforms are placed among some Ore Cars. Use the platform and your quest will update with the instruction that you should position yourself on the first or second platform in order to start the journey. Follow the instruction and use the platform again to set the machine in motion. Enjoy the journey through the ruins until the Transport Platform reaches its destination. When it finally comes to a halt, you will perceive some dancing flames again. Follow their track as they lead you to a gate. Open the gate and enter a new area.

Nehrim:Daromith Mine (part II)

  • Reach the city of the Star People

As you enter the new area, you will notice some dancing flames again. Follow them until you observe a train and some ghosts waiting at the station. Soon you will be approached by Nehrim:The Conductor who will mistake you for one of the dead waiting for the train to depart. That is why he instructs you to get on the train and join the dead. To his surprise, he discovers that you actually found the Nehrim:Star Map that can navigate his people to their home planet. He regards this issue with utmost priority and decides to change the schedule of the train. The Soul Train final destination is not the underworld but the Star People's city Nehrim:Anku so that you can have an audience with the king. The Conductor asks you to get on the train. Examine the Soul Train and you will see a door on the train (Door to The Soul Train). Enter the door and find yourself a comfortable bed. The journey will take a while, so sleep at least for 12 hours. When you arrive at your destination, the quest will update and tell you to leave the Soul Train.

The Great Hall of Nehrim:Anku

  • Meet the King
File:Star King.jpg
The Star King

Leave the Soul Train through the Door to the Great Hall. At the railway station you will be approached by Nehrim:Haimon, who will be surprised that you actually are alive and just stepped out of the Soul Train. Inform him that you have something important for his King. Haimon will decide to trust you, as you were the one who came from the underworld. He asks you to follow him through the halls of Anku and the King of the Star People will decide if you deserve his people's trust. Once in the chamber with the Star King, talk to the ruler. The King will mistake you for a 'joy bringer', probably one of the beer suppliers from Cahbaet. Show the King the Star Map. He will be utterly thrilled that you have brought him the original map that will enable his people to return to the land of their ancestors. In return, he promises to do you a favour. Of course, you want the Star People to lead you to Cahbaet.

  • Follow Haimon

The Star King orders Haimon to bring you back to the surface. Follow Haimon as he leads the way out of Anku. Enter the Construction Hall and you will find yourself in a small railway station. Do as Haimon does, who instructs you to take a seat in one of the Mine Cars. There are two mine cars. You should jump to the one which is not occupied by Haimon. As soon as you sit on either of the two chairs, the Mine Car will be set into motion. Wait patiently as you travel through the area and listen to Haimon describing to you Fat Erwin while passing the star ship. When the Car finally arrives at its destination, follow Haimon to the Mine Entrance. Go past merchant Roland and his donkey to reach the Great North Cleft.

The Great North Cleft

  • Find the secret passage

Follow Haimon again, as he leads you to the secret passage to the besieged city of Cahbaet. On your way you will have to face a few enemies. Haimon will stop in front of some bushes and will explain the position of the secret passage to you. When he stops talking, take a look at your map. You will notice a small passage behind the bushes in front of you (NE direction). Go there and the main road will take you directly to the fortress of Cahbaet. On your way you will encounter plenty of wolves and find an Ice Claw.


  • Meet with Taranor

When you notice some Cahbaet buildings, climb up the stairs and enter the door to the Stronghold of Cahbaet. You will find yourself in the study of Nehrim:Captain Dratis. The Captain will approach you and react calmly to your unexpected presence, as you came from the dwarves, which means that you are not one of Nehrim:Barateon's soldiers. He rightly presumes that you wish to speak to their leader, Nehrim:Taranor. Follow the Captain as he leads you to Taranor. Once in the leaders chamber, talk to Taranor and explain Callistos' plan to him. Much as he does not normally approve of the Orders principles, Taranor's stance on the alliance between the Order and Cahbaet against Barateon is the same as Callistos': 'My enemy's enemy is my friend.' But before he is able to help you, he asks you to join his ranks and do a small favour.


  • Do not jump off the platform or let other monsters throw you off the platform. You will die instantly. On the other hand, you can use the platform to your own advantage, that is throw the trolls off the platform.
  • Be careful with lava- it drains hitpoints quite quickly!
  • You do not need to follow Haimon all the time without stopping. Take your time and explore the Hall of Anku while he patiently waits for you.


  • In both Daromith Mine and the Great Hall of Anku it might happen that you do not have the map, only the map marker. It is due to some problems with meshes.
  • When Haimon takes his place in one of the Mine Cars there should be two chairs for you in the other car. If there are none, load a previous save (not quicksave).

Following quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

In The Underworld - MQ12
Stage End Q Journal Entry
10 Callisto thinks I can escape through the well in the cellar of the monastery to the ancient dwarven tunnels which lead to the northern city of Cahbaet, where I should ask for help.
15 I have ended up at the station of the underworld. Here, all the dead wait for their departure into eternity. The conductor wanted to take me there, too, but when he saw the star map from Treomar, he was all excited and thought it needed to be shown to the king of the Star People.
16 The conductor has changed the schedule for me. The train is not going to the underworld, but to Anku, the hall of the Star People.
20 This will probably be a long ride. I better lie down and get some rest.
25 The train has stopped.
35 A man called Haimon met me at the railway station and will now lead me to the king of the Star People.
50 I have given the star map to the Star King, which made him very happy, because with this document the Star People can once again return to their homeland. In gratitude, the king will help me to reach Cahbaet.
55 Haimon will lead me to the path to Cahbaet.
70 End Haimon showed me the path to Cahbaet. Now I can enter the city.