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Playable races


The largest tribe in Nehrim and they were once the first settlers on the continent. From them rose the old Nordic Kings who ruled over Nehrim aeons ago before they had to yield to the gods,Nehrim:the Light-Born. However, after the death of the Nehrim:god Erodan one thousand years ago, these folks managed to flourish again. Many of them are educated, skilful craftsmen and architects.


They are a harsh and taciturn tribe that populated the dense forests and expansive tundras of Lore:Vyn. Normans have the habit of never staying in one place for longer than necessary. However, since there aren't many of them in Nehrim, they adopted to the style of Alemanni and integrated into the society. Although they originate from the Nordic kingdom, many of them are also found in the central part of the country.

Notable humans: Nehrim:Barateon, Nehrim:Merzul, Nehrim:Callisto, Nehrim:Taranor

Half- Aeterna

Half breed mix of humans and Aeterna. Superior skills in magic allowed them to leave their home and populate Lore:Vyn. Although they are outlawed in the world of Lore:Vyn, they are a proud and tough tribe. Their skills in magic are not as strong, but these crossbreeds are not often treated as being different and are more likely to be integrated into society.

Non-playable races


An elven like race, apparently scorned and/or feared by the humans living in Nehrim. An underclass. They are magically gifted thus humans fear that they might pose a threat to their dominance, therefore they are hanged for petty crimes, denied work and even forbidden to shop at public places. They are left with no choice but to live in seclusion. Aeterna are easily recognizable due to their long ears and bright eyes. The Aeterna share their hope for Narathzul Arantheal's rise to power, as it would strengthen their position in society. Humans are able to easily recognize the Aeterna as they typically react negatively to this race.

Notable Aeterna: Kim, Narathzul Arantheal, Narel

the Star People

These are referred to as 'dwarves' by surface people due to the fact that they live in an underground city, Nehrim:Anku. According to Callisto, they are very suspicious towards any strangers and definitely do not approve of being called 'dwarves'. There are not many of them still alive, because many of their people have died through the millennia. The Star People's lifelong dream is to find the course back to their home planet located somewhere among the stars. Their appearance is not what we usually associate with dwarves, as they have rather oval or round faces and pointed ears. According to Haimon, the Star People are open to visitors. Unfortunately, it is the 'upper' world that regards them as fierce, tight-lipped miners and therefore 'surface' people stay away from them.

Notable Star People: Kalrador, The Conductor, the Star King


  • The only differences while choosing a race are slightly different starting stats and attributes, but basically deciding on your class is just about the looks.