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General information

Anku is an underground city located underneath the mountains close to Nehrim:Cahbaet. It is the main city of The Star People. 'Anku' is not how the Star People named the city, it is a simplifed version of the original name 'Ankumedrotikepmasodestriwo' as it was too difficult for the surface people to pronounce the original name. Anku is is one of the largest and most splendid halls of the Star People. Sadly, it is also the only one that they use due to the fact that so many people have died through the millennia. However, they regard Anku as their temporary dwelling since they are extremeley eager to leave this world and search their original home among the stars. The dream is possible to come true when they finally obtain the Star Map.


The Star King

Fat Erwin

You can take a glimpse of Nehrim:Fat Erwin while travelling in Mine Cars with Haimon. Fat Ervin is not a person. As Haimon explains, it is how the King named their only star ship that is supposed to ascend them to heavens once they have found the Star Map. The King invented the name during a party early in the morning.



There are only two merchants in Anku, Klump and Traveler Roland. One of them is a smith, the other a general merchant.

Merchants Other services


Merchants and Trainers

Common Citizens


In Daromith Mine where is the Soul Train,