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Basic statistics
Level 60
Health 365
Magicka 5000
Race Alemanne1
Class Mage
Gender Male
Essential Yes
EditorID ErzmagisterMerzul
In Arcane Sanctum
Level 80
Health 800
Magicka 800
Essential Yes
EditorID ErzmagisterMerzulSanktum
Health 0
Magicka 0
Essential No
EditorID ErzmagisterMerzulTot


Merzul is a human who established the Order at the time when the liberation of the people and the divines started. He is both skilled at magic and reading the stars. He is the one who initiates you into the Order and provides information about the Order and some basic ideas about the world of Nehrim. Totally devoted to his goal of setting people free from the rule of the Gods, he was killed in his encounter with Barateon.

The Order

The Order's headquarters is located in the Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum. The Order was established after he fought to try to remove Nehrim:the Light-Born from power together with Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal and Nehrim:Barateon. After Barateon's betrayal and Narathzul's imprisonment only Merzul was left to lead the Order, which was established so that Narathuzl Arantheal's work would not fall into oblivion. Since Barateon's rise to power, the Order operates in secrecy out of fear of persecution. The Order aims at honing magical skills of the so-called gifted, that is those who are naturally talented with some magic abilities. The Order seems to have suffered a terrible blow from Fate as the vast majority of its prospective members were killed in the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine, which was supposed to be a secret place for meeting the new recruits.


  • The Order provides a safe haven for all gifted with magical abilities. They also aim to hone their unusual skills.
  • The basic principle is to free people from the supremacy of the gods. They fight for humankind's right to determine their own fate.
  • The advent of the Shadow God, the one who will dare and manage to dethrone the Light-Born, is written in the Predestination of Tel'lmaltath. Merzul is convinced that there is only one person who can fulfill the Predestination, that is Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal.

Merzul's Leadership

You first encounter Merzul when leaving the Shadow Song Mine during the first quest Shadow and Light. You can infer from his doing that he is an extremely powerful mage who just killed a huge horde of Cave Trolls. Merzul acknowledges that he was the one who sent out a Anonymous Letter to all magically gifted and he was the one who accidentally lured you into the perilous troll-infested cave. He informs you about the Order and the ongoing persecution of its members due to Chancellor's Barateon's Magic Prohibition throughout the Middlerealm. By offereing you the choice to become the member of the Order he is well aware that, in reality, you have no choice as if you decline, he will be forced to kill you. You know too much about the Order and thus can be of a conisiderable danger to the Order. Merzul is also the one who conceived a plan to explain your guardian, High Priest Aratornias in Tirin Abbey, your sudden decision to leave the peaceful village of Tirin Abbey. You are to deliver a forged letter to your master, stating that you are to join the army.


Shadow and Light

A Glance to the Stars

Into the Forsaken Country