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Quest Information

Quest Giver General Acorias in the Arcane Sanctum Encounter icon.jpg
NPCs Melvin, Merzul, General Acorias, Barateon
Locations Arcane Sanctum


It becomes apparent that the Chancellor's soldiers have launched an attack on the Sanctum. Acorias has organised a counterattack which you join. Now you must fight your way to the main hall of the Sanctum and find Nehrim:Merzul.


Kill off the Soldiers

Follow the soldiers as they repulse the attack carried out by the guards of the Chancellor. When you have dispatched all of them, do no lose sight of General Acorias and follow him until you reach the Arcane Sanctum (building) and find Nehrim:Merzul inside. He will lead you past the ruined Storage Chest and up a hill to the entrance of the Arcane Sanctum .

Find Merzul

He puts a protection spell on the door but it will not hold Barateon back. Merzul is aware of his predicament and that he is likely to perish from this world. He expresses his confidence that the principles of the Order will not die out with his body and instructs his scholars (in the event of anything happening to him) to search for the Mountain Monastery and Callisto. Finally, Barateon and his soldiers break Merzul's protective spell and enter the main hall. Both Acorias and Merzul are defeated and killed by Barateon. As Barateon believes that scholars do not pose any danger to his growing power, he orders his soldiers to put you and Melvin in ail of Erothin.


  • +800 EP


  • Do not walk into the fire. You will die instantly.
  • In order not to get lost follow the soldiers (especially General Acorias) closely.
  • If you do happen to lose sight of the General, it is recommend to load an earlier savegame or to try to find the entrace to the Arcane Sanctum on your own.


  • When you visit Erothin again, you can see Melvin and Merzul hanged in Erothin near the Hangman's Chamber (close to the storage chest in Market Plaza).

Following quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Encounter - MQ08
Stage End Q Journal Entry
25 The chancellor has attacked the Sanctum with his soldiers! Acorias has just organized a counterattack which I will join. We must fight through to the main hall of the Sanctum.
160 End Barateon has killed Merzul and Acorias, Kim is probably still in Arktwend. Only Melvin and I have survived the attack.