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Quest Information

Quest Giver Triggered automatically when in prison The escape icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Melvin, Nehrim:Reman, Nehrim:Guard Akarus
Locations Nehrim:Jail of Erothin, Erothin Sewers, Nehrim:The Northrealm, Nehrim:Mountain Monastery


You and Melvin are locked up in the Nehrim:Jail of Erothin. Nehrim:Barateon suspects that you might venture a prison break and has laid a special magic field to stop you doing so.


Erothin Jail (level 1)

Fortunately, Nehrim:Barateon has underestimated Nehrim:Melvin 's power. Melvin is talented enough to break Barateon's spell. Melvin believes that reclaiming your equipment is of utmost priority. Therefore Melvin puts a spell on Nehrim:Reman (a city guard) and inquires about the location of the belongings. As Nehrim:Melvin does not know where the evidence vault is, he orders Reman to lead the way to the vault and you will act as his prisoners. Nehrim:Reman (with a little help from Melvin) deals with the task perfectly. Once in the evidence vault, collect your equipment. According to Reman, you need to take the door on the left to escape (in the north direction), which leads to the Nehrim:Jail of Erothin. Click on Reman to obtain the key to the Jail.

Erothin Jail (level 2)

Upon approaching the torture cells Nehrim:Melvin instructs you to pull the lever and close the gate. Walk down the stairs and find a lever after passing through the gate. Wait for Melvin to join you and pull the lever. The gate should be shut and no guards should be able get through. When you come across a locked gate with two locks Melvin asks you to search for the keys. They are pretty easy to find:

- Left Gate Key - in the torture room on the left (on the table)
- Right Gate Key - in the torture room on the left (on the table)

Report to Nehrim:Melvin and put the key in the lock when Melvin tells you so (do so when he says three). Proceed through the Jail with Nehrim:Melvin. When Melvin detects a magic lock you need to protect him from the guards while he focuses on breaking the spell. Follow Melvin and do as he says, that is jump into the well.

Erothin Sewers

Following the main way in the sewers Nehrim:Melvin notices that you had fallen into a trap. Suddenly, the ceiling collapses and Melvin is trapped in its debris. Having realized that he is doomed, he reminds you to find Nehrim:Callisto in the Nehrim:Mountain Monastery as, from this moment, the future of the Order depends on you solely.

Exploring the sewers you will come across a water gate which blocks your way to freedom. To the right, you should find a Broken Device just by the Water Gate. The handwheel to the Broken Device that you you ust use in order to lift the gate is missing. You will need to search the sewers for it. There is another handwheel (1) on the left to the water gate. Use it to lift the nearby gate. There are two important mechanisms to activate:

- Lever- when you enter the biggest circular room in the area with a wooden bridge in the center you can see a small way up. Go there. It's at the top. The lever will lower the structures that block the movement of the Wooden Bridge.
- Wheel(2)- when you first enter this huge circular chamber it on the right (near the aforementioned way up). The wheel will move the bridge so that you can explore the sewers further. (note: it will move the bridge only if you activated the lever)

Following the main road you will find the missing Hand Wheel in the final room (with the Goblins). It is placed and adorned as a part of the ritual artwork. Jump off the wall and you will find yourself near the water gate. Click on the Broken Device with the missing Hand Wheel to use the Hand Wheel and lift the gate. (As an alternative, you could immediately jump across the water gate, but this way you will never be able to re-enter the sewers again.)

Onto the Monastery

Now that you have successfully left the Nehrim:Jail of Erothin you need to follow Nehrim:Merzul and Nehrim:Melvin's instructions. Do not enter Nehrim:Erothin at this stage as guards will detect you and the quest will be failed. Head towards the Northrealm. Check the exact location of the capital city Nehrim:Cahbaet and the Nehrim:Mountain Monastery (the green marker on the map). Choose your way there. It will be a long journey. When you finally approach the Monastery, wait until the drawbridge is lowered and Nehrim:Guard Akarus comes to greet you.


Erothin Prison

  • Switch to walking when you follow Reman
  • Stick close to Reman otherwise other guards will start to suspect something and the quest will be failed

Onto the Monastery

  • If it happens that enemies are too difficult for your level, mount your horse and rush towards the Monastery.


  • Melvin is essential during this quest, but he cannot keep all the guards busy - you will have to defend yourself. You do not get a bounty for self-defense against guards.
  • Remember to listen to Melvin and close the gate using the lever. Otherwise, guards may come and Melvin sometimes gets stuck on the stairs [remark (arvisrend): never had this bug reported, and never experienced it myself]. When this happens, load a previous save or try to push Melvin upwards.
  • You can find quite interesting instructions concerning tortures on the tables.
  • When you visit Erothin again, you can find Melvin and Merzul hanged near the Hangman's Chamber (next to the Storage Chest in Market Plaza).

Following quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Escape - MQ09
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 The soldiers knocked me out and brought me to a cell in the Erothin prison. I regained consciousness just a moment ago.
90 Melvin was able to cast a spell on one of the guards. He will lead us to our equipment now. We'll have to pretend to be his prisoners - we can't move far from him or remove our handcuffs.
120 We've made our way to the evidence vault. According to Reman, we will be able to escape through a well inside the cellar. That is our next destination.
191 At the last minute we triggered a trap that made the whole sewer corridor collapse. Melvin cannot continue. He told me to go on alone to the Mountain Monastery. The survival of the Order lies in my hands now.
196 A water gate is in my way to the sewer exit. Unfortunately the hand wheel that I must use to lift the gate is missing. I'll have to search the sewers for it.
220 I found the missing handwheel. A pack of sewer goblins used it as some strange kind of ritual artwork.
251 I made it, the Erothin sewers lay behind me. Now I have to find the Mountain Monastery. According to what Melvin said I must take a path that is located to the left of the city of Cahbaet in the Northrealm. I should avoid confrontations with the Chancellor's soldiers and equip myself well. (You should have reached at least level 11)
255 End I have reached the Mountain Monastery.