Nehrim:Sly Eye Bounty

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Sly Eye

Wanted Nehrim:Sly Eye Icon nq00i.jpg
Location Nehrim:Sly Eye's Den (SE of Nehrim:Salen , NW of Nehrim:Gargoth Cave )
Reward 300 Gold pieces

Sly Eye's Bounty Quest


Third Bounty Quest. Sly Eye is Nehrim:Bertulus the Slasher's brother.


After receiving the Bounty contract from the noticeboard, you should see a red marker to guide you. If you do not see it, open quest and click map. Follow the directional marker to Nehrim:Sly Eye's Den. Sly Eye is not the only one in this cave. You will come across two Bandits of Sildonar, some Nasty Kobolds and Nehrim:Cross Spiders. Sly Eye is a fitting name for this character, as the cave has a few traps, and when you finally get to see Nehrim:Sly Eye, he is in the middle of a maze. You have to go through the first part of the wire netted maze and get to the other side (this brings you very close to the part of the cave which is occupied by Cross Spiders), then re-enter the maze on the other side. Once you have dispatched Sly Eye you will receive a quest update.

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  • If you approach Sly Eye's Den from Salen, there is a chance you will pass close by Nehrim:Elemental Forge of Beldur (see Middlerealm ruins), in which case you could well be attacked by Frost , Nehrim:Flame Elementals and a Nehrim:Battlemage of Etronar . This area is classed 14 to 15.
  • If you are good at sneak, when you enter the cave you might see the Nasty Kobolds dispatch one of the bandits for you.
  • Apart from random spawning chests, you will always find a teleporter stone somewhere.
  • The easiest way to complete the quests seems to senak on the Sly Eye and aim an arrow at him while standing just by the Swinging Mace. Then you do not need to wander through the maze to kill him. The arrow penetrates through the wires and the quest is completed.