Nehrim:The blocked teleporter stones

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Quest Information

Quest Giver The quest starts when you try to teleport to Nehrim:Erothin, Nehrim:Giliad or Nehrim:Salen and it fails. The blocked teleporters icon.jpg
Locations Areas outside Nehrim:Erothin, Nehrim:Giliad, Nehrim:Salen.


The Nehrim:teleporter platforms are blocked after Nehrim:Barateon's soldiers captured you and destroyed the Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum.


Move the quest to Active Quest and check the green markers on the map. You should have three green markers. They mark the places where you have to go in order to remove the mechanisms that jammed the teleporter platforms. You can easily detect the blockades (fire column) and remove them. The one is Erothin is located left of the first gate, the one in Giliad is right next to the chapel. The blockade in Salen is a little harder to find. It's located just north-west next to the road and a signpost. Destroy the blockage and reactivate the teleports.


  • +300 EP
  • Now you are finally able to use every platform in the Middlerealm.


  • It is not recommended to have low health as the teleporter blockades explode when you remove them.

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Blocked Teleporter Stones - NQ12
Stage End Q Journal Entry
1 It's not possible to teleport to certain places in the Middlerealm. I should investigate this.
5 The teleport platforms are jammed by some strange mechanism. It looks as if the Chancellor is responsible for that. If I destroy the blockade I should be able to travel to these places.
10 I reactivated the teleport platform of Erothin.
15 The teleport platform in Salen is now usable again.
20 The blockade on the Giliad teleport platform is gone.
25 End I was able to destroy all the Chancellor's teleport jams. Now I'm able to use every platform in the Middlerealm.