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This mine is one of the underground facilities of the Star People and has one of the most impressive interiors in the world of Nehrim. However there are not many enemies inside and not much to do. The most notable reason to visit the place is -apart from admiring the interior- to get the Blood Mage's Boots and Helm. Be prepared with torches or other source of light: the interior is extremely dark.

A Fallen in the form of a floating half-skeleton welcomes you after the entrance (the enemies are 20-30 level). A door leads you to the first part of the mine which has the form of a giant tube. Some Giant Bats and three Dwarf Guards are the next opponents. After passing a narrow bridge over a chaotic depth in absolute darkness, you meet another gate which leads into Morthul-the main section of the mine. Deal with the few Obsidian Guardians and Giant Bats and then feel free to wander the place. In this area you will find the Blood mage's Boots and Helm along other notable loot (see the map below and the screenshots in this page). Going further and admiring the big wheels over you head you will approach two Nautilus ships. Don't fall into the water. There is nothing to find and it will lead you out of the map with danger to get stuck into the environment. Going back to the gate you will find three other gates. One (to the southwest, between two circular bulwarks) cannot be opened. Seems that the game's authors left something unfinished here, perhaps a future quest. The other two gates lead to two enormous mining shafts. The northern shaft (the one with the working machine) looks covered but be careful! Here is a nasty bug. When you step on it you fall into a chaotic hole. You will not die but you will stay there in the darkness and the only way to go back is to reload a previous save. Near the machine there is a table with some items (scrolls, potions. ingots etc). The other saft has a not working elevator above it.

Generally the place seems unfinished. Despite the beautiful ambience there is very little action. We hope for some further develpment in the future.


At the East Coast road
Dwarven Mine Onruhl location


Onruhl Dwarven Gate 1

Onruhl Dwarven Gate 2


Morthul Shaft 1 and Morthul Shaft 2 are uninhabited.


Onruhl Dwarven Gate 1

Onruhl Dwarven Gate 2






Armor sets






Morthul Shaft 2

Treasure chests


Coordinates for Map marker: Morthul (12, 9)

Items found



  • Five rooms in total connected with loading gates
  1. Cell name: - EditorID: AlteZwergenmineVorhallen
  2. Cell name: Onruhl Dwarven Gate - EditorID: AlteZwergenmineOhnrul
  3. Cell name: Morthul - EditorID: AlteZwergenmine
  4. Cell name: - EditorID: AlteZwergenmineSchaechte
  5. Cell name: Morthul Shaft - EditorID: AlteZwergenmineSchaecht2


File:Onruhl Dwarven Gate1 map.jpg
Onruhl Dwarven Gate 1 map
File:Onruhl Dwarven Gate2 map.jpg
Onruhl Dwarven Gate 2 map
File:Morthul Shaft2 map.jpg
Morthul Shaft 2 map
File:Morthul Shaft1 map.jpg
Morthul Shaft 1 map


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