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Lvl Type File:Health.jpg File:Damage.jpg File:Magic.jpg EP Respawn Soul Editor ID
1 Creature 50 3 0 50 No Petty NQ01Goblin02
10 Creature 120 3 0 50 No Petty NQ01Goblin
10 Creature 150 20 0 100 No Petty 10Goblin
10 Creature 200 6 0 100 No Petty 10GoblinSchuetze
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Melee N/A N/A
Drops See description


The goblins NQ01Goblin and NQ01Goblin02 are quest related. They can be found during the Side quest Nehrim:Goblins and a Wild Boar.


The first two types in Nehrim:Clatter Cave.

The other goblins

Items Dropped

Leveled weapons (chance 0%)

At level 1

  • Iron Shortsword, Iron Mace, Iron War Axe, Iron Dagger, Rusty Iron Dagger, Rusty Iron Mace, Rusty Iron Shortsword, Rusty Iron War Axe,

At level 3 and higher

  • Iron Mace, Iron Shortsword, Iron War Axe, Iron Dagger

Leveled Potion

  • Poison (chance 0%)


  • Lockpick (chance 75%)

The Goblin archer drops always Steel bow, 11 Iron arrow and random Lockpick