Nehrim:Karick's Helm Problem

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:Karick Icon nq00.jpg
NPCs Karick , Nehrim:Porim , Nehrim:Merre , Nehrim:Sentry Morten
Locations Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine , Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine Site


As soon as you have recieved your reward from Nehrim:Merre, a miner named Nehrim:Karick appears. He has a small problem, namely a helmet that has become stuck on his head. He found the helmet in the mine and thought it might be a good idea to wear it, as it should offer protection against the rocks.


Shadow Song Mine

Inquire about the Soap (Part 1)

  • Speak to Merre

Your quest log will suggest to consult Nehrim:Porim and Nehrim:Merre on the problem. Both of them are in the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine, at the very same place where you finished your previous quest. Talk to Nehrim:Merre and he will mention that soap might help.

  • Speak to Porim

Talk to Nehrim:Porim and use the "soap" dialogue. Porim will explain that it should not be a problem to find soap around the site as miners- like them- regularly get dirty. He suggests that there is soap down by the gate where the guards (among them Nehrim:Sentry Morten) are, up in the boxed over the main gate. Leave the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine and head towards the main gate, where the guards stand.

Shadow Song Mine Site

Inquire about the Soap (Part 2)

  • Speak to Sentry Morten
Sentry Morten

The guard will be standing in his usual place, securing the gates from the group of mages, thus making it impossible for you to leave the Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine Site. Talk to Nehrim:Sentry Morten and he will seem outraged at the idea of obtaining the soap for you, as at the moment dealing with the dangerous mages seems a priority, not your well-being. Therefore, the guards are unwilling to risk getting the soap because of the mages. After speaking to Nehrim:Sentry Morten, your quest log wil update with information that you will need to invent a solution to acquire the soaps.

Find a Bow and Arrows

Once you have spoken to Nehrim:Sentry Morten, you need to provoke the mages by firing an arrow or a spell (you have no offensive spells as for now, but you probably have a few scrolls) at them so that they soap would fall off the platform.

You can complete the quest in various ways ( what you need is a BOW and some ARROWS)

Non law-breaking method

Lockpicking the Gate

  • Buy lockpicks from Nehrim:Heinrich (if you do not have any)
  • If you have a lockpick or two, there is a locked gate close by behind the main gate which you will find a bow and arrows.

Provoke the Mages

Aiming at the Mages

When you have finally obtained a Bow and some arrows, equip them and come close to the main gate. Peek though a hole and catch a full view of the mages gathered around one corpse. Direct your arrow at one of the mages and fire it. Once you have provoked the mages, they open fire knocking the soap from above down to where you can pick it up. Take the soaps ( 2 soaps will be enough; you will get a quest update when you have collected all the required soaps) to Karick.

Shadow Song Mine

Bring the Soaps to Karick

Karick will be impatiently waiting for anyone who can free him from this uncomfortable and most unfortunate situation. Freed at last, Karick will be delighted to be rid of this burdersome item and will both willingly and graciously reward you with the part of the helmet.

After receiving the reward, talk Talk to Nehrim:Merre. He has no more tasks, but says Nehrim:Sentry Morten might have some.


Karick will reward you with the enchanted red stone from the helmet (Impure Fire Ruby).


  • No need to sneak, no-one seems to care if you take anything here.
  • Pick up more soap and sell it to Nehrim:Heinrich. It will not be useful in the game later on.


  • After provoking the mages Nehrim:Sentry Morten will be as if in an attack mode and the music will a kind of a battle theme. Do not get concerned about it, you will still be able to receive the new quest.
  • Sentry Morten will not give you a new quest unless you have spoken to Nehrim:Merre .
  • It will be impossible to provoke the mages if you hadn't spoken to Nehrim:Sentry Morten before and asked him about the soap. Be sure to follow all the quest stages in order to complete the quest.
  • Work in the Mine is a Side quest.

Following Quest

Nehrim:Under Siege

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Karick's Helm Problem - NQ00Karick
Stage End Q Journal Entry
0 Karick's Helm Problem
5 After I received my reward from Merre, the miner Karick stumbled into the mine. He had a strange helmet on his head, and it would not surprise me if he is in trouble.
10 The desperate Karick told me that he found the helm in the mine, and he curiously tried it on, but when he wanted to take it off again, it would not come off. Now it is stuck on his head! I have to find some way that I can help him... perhaps Merre or Porim might know what to do.
15 We could try using soap. Since the guards at the gate know all about the area, I should ask them where I might acquire some.
20 The soap is actually on the platform on the wall, but the soldiers do not want to risk trying to retrieve it as long as the Mages represent a threat. However, on the other hand these Mages could be of use. Perhaps I can succeed in provoking them so that they fire at the wall and cause the soap to fall off.
30 I have collected some of the bars of soap lying on the ground. This should be enough to help Karick.
35 With the soap, Karick was able to take the old helmet off of his head.
40 End Karick plucked out and gave me a red stone that was on the helmet as a reward.