Nehrim:The Task of Fathoming

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nobody Icon nq00b.jpg
NPCs Nobody

Nehrim:Unknown Land, Nehrim:Lonely Island, Nehrim:Wrong World




Following Quest

Nehrim:In the Jail of Souls

Quest Journal

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The Task of Fathoming - MQ37
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 The cap stone is out of the way, the portal is opened. Now I can do my examination.
10 I landed in a mysterious valley. According to a laid out stone slab seven "Elements of Fathom" should be scattered about this place, containing fragments of my past. Once I have found all of them and picked them up I will be able to continue my path.
15 I found all seven elements. The way out of this valley should have been opened.
20 I walked through the portal and landed on a tropical island. I don't know what my mission is here, but I will take a look around.
25 An old diary of a castaway. The recording begins in a village called Ledur. One child was left behind when his parents were sold into slavery to the Southern Empire. The slave ship sank and they stranded with some of their fellow prisoners on this island. Also a grave nearby is mentioned. I could go and search it.
30 I found a key in one of the tombs. When I walked into daylight again, barriers of bones swung up from the ground to prevent me from moving forward. What's going on here? Is this also a part of an examination or will something prevent me from finding out more?
40 I could open the hatch under the hut using the key from the grave. It led me to a freely floating room. This place looks almost as if it did not belong here...
50 This vision is getting crazier and crazier - Erothin is in ruins. Maybe I've fought Erothin, but I have not destroyed the city. What does this place have to do with me?
51 Erothin is overrun with undead creatures, overcast with blood and littered with mutilated bodies. But this bloody trail perhaps leads me to the creator of this crazy vision. And if I have luck also to a way out...
70 End I defeated the demon that had taken root in the foreigner's district of Erothin. I immediately felt how the world around me began to dwindle away. The vision in which I was caught seems to dissolve. Was this really a test?