Nehrim:Within the Soul Flayer

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Inside the Soul Flayer


Narathzul's Hut
A small isolated hut with a bench in front of it. Inaccessible for players. When Narahtzul first encountered in the Soul Flayer, he will be sitting on the bench and enjoying the view.
Magic Fountain
Magic Fountain
The Fountain is situated a bit further from the hut and you can notice Zelara contemplating by the fountain, however, she will not utter a word either to you or her ex-lover Narathzul. The water from the fountain has a remarkable magical effect as it may free the souls that are bound by flesh.
Obsidian Fortress, Vault of Soul Excoration

In this part of the Soul Flayer you can find the embodiments of all living souls. In the fortress you can find some of Narahtzul's imprisoned enemies, namely Nehrim:god Erodan and Nehrim:incarnation of Eliath flanked by two monuments.

Trapped Souls