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Narathzul Arantheal

His relationship with Zelara  turned tragic as she became romantically involved with Nehrim:Arkt. When Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal was assigned with the task of retrieving the Soul Flayer, Zelara was to join him. But the Light-Born ordered Nehrim:Arkt to accompany them, as he was their trusted captain of the Light-Born at that time. According to Narahtzul it was Arkt who started flirting with Zelara. When they finally found the Soul Flayer, Arkt told Narathzul about his affair with Zelara. Seeing Arkt and Zelara clung together, made Narathzul's blood boil and uncontrollable wrath took control over him and he fatally wounded Zelara with the Soul Flayer. Enraged Narathzul wanted to punish Arkt as well, but he managed to flee. When Narathzul's negative emotions subsided, the dreadful consequences of his deed dawned on him. He realized that taking Zelara's life was grave mistake, as he blamed solely Arkt for her betrayal. Now, his beloved's soul is bound to the Soul Flayer. After thousands of years of imprisonment, Narathzul still feels guilty of killing his beloved one and directs his intense feeling hatred at Arkt.


He becomes involved with Narathzul Arantheal's loved one, Zelara. According to Arkt, it was Narathzul's fault and his overriding ambition to pursue his own goals that triggered Zelara's betrayal. When we first encounter Arkt during Into the Forsaken Country he creates an impression that Zelara was of minor importance to him as he calls her ' naive and simple- minded' but it might only serve as a purpose to irritate Narahtzul more. Later in the story, while standing at her grave, he seems deeply touched by her unfortunate lot.

Zelara's Betrayal

There are two versions of the cause of her unfaithfulness to Narathzul.

  • According to Arkt- he accuses Narathzul of having this insatiable desire for power and getting more from life. In his opinion, it was not Zelara that was of the utter importance for Narathzul but pursuing his own goals and ambitions. Therefore, Zalara left him and chose Arkt.
  • According to Narathzul- Arkt is responsible for her betrayal. He convinced her of this nonsense about Narathuzl's burning ambition and desire for power.


  • Since the disagreement over Zelara, Narathzul and Arkt became bitter enemies despite having the same goal that is releasing mankind of the Light- Born.
  • Zelara's soul becomes trapped in Nehrim:the Soul Flayer.
  • According to Nehrim:Arkt, Narathzul Arantheal is extremely dangerous as after the loss of his beloved, he has nothing to lose and will not fear to resort to any mans in order to achieve his goals.


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