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The Soul Flayer is an ancient artifact that all of Nehrim:the Light-Born are afraid of as it is the only weapon that can actually kill them. The Soul Flayer was forged by the first Tel'lmalthat and was wielded by the succeeding ones who, after their demise, went into the Sword. The Soul Flayer carries every living being here that was either the bearer of the sword or those who were murdered by the blade.

According to some documents the sword was a joint invention of the Aeterna, Star People and Humans, forged by a Soul Smith and probably the first Shadow God in the Iron Fire Halls.

The player became the owner of the sword after the death of Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal. When becoming the Shadow God during the examinations, Nehrim:The Soulkeepers observed that the trapped souls can escape from the sword and they decided to unload the sword and destroy the souls inside. The Shadow God managed to return the sword in possession and have the choice to keep the sword or destroy it and free the souls inside.

More about the Soul Sword can be read here: Nehrim:Der Seelenschmied (The Soulsmith), Nehrim:The Vision of Shadows and Nehrim:Transferring the Soulflayer.


Nehrim:Soul Flayer Temple

Unique Power

The swords has its unique power due to the fact that a part of the first Shadow God's soul is trapped inside. Therefore, the gods fear this deadly weapon, as having this powerful sword one can bring the Light-Born's rule over the world to the end. Not only does the sword have the ability to kill the Light-Born but it can also trap one's soul inside.

Trapped Souls



Soul Flayer - Blade One Hand
File:Price.jpg File:Weight.jpg File:Health.jpg File:Damage.jpg Speed Reach Charge Use ID Place
0 0 4500 32 1,000 1,300 800 00003993 Nehrim:Soul Flayer Temple
0 0 4500 32 1,000 1,300 800 00012BF2 Nehrim:The Soulforge
0 0 9500 40 1,200 1,300 800 0023C588 Nehrim:The Soulforge
0 0 9500 52 1,200 1,300 800 0023E488 Nehrim:Iron Fire Halls


  • Ignores Normal Weapon Resistance


The soul flayer lies under the lava if the player chooses to destroy it, suggesting that it has in fact not been destroyed but in fact has grown even stronger after the attempt to destroy it! Perhaps it will return in enderal...

This iron fire halls version of the sword is the most powerful weapon in the game, more powerful than any two handed sword or one handed blade, but cannot be picked up by the player...