Nehrim:Sustain or Destruction

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nobody Icon nq00b.jpg
NPCs Nobody
Locations Nehrim:Fortress at the Collapsed South Pass, Nehrim:Citadel of Shadows, Nehrim:Iron Fire Halls




Quest Journal

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Sustain or Destruction - MQ39
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 Now that I escaped the clutches of the Soulkeepers, I can think about what I want to do next with the Soulflayer. If I will destroy the soul blade and free all souls bound in the sword, then I should go forth to the iron fire halls and destroy the sword there. Will I keep the weapon, I should go to the Citadel of Shadows, and take my place on the shadow thone.
50 End 1 I throw the Soulflayer in the iron melting furnace of the Iron Fire Halls. All the souls trapped inside have now experienced salvation and are free.
100 End 2 I went back into the Citadel of Shadows and took place on the shadow throne. The Soulflayer - more powerful than ever before - will remain in my possession.