Enderal:Two Souls, Part VI

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Calia waiting for The Prophet in the Dancing Nomad.
Two Souls, Part VI
Quest Giver: Calia Sakaresh
Location(s): Ark
Prerequisite Quest: Two Souls, Part V

Forgotten Homeland, Part III


  • Meet Calia in the Noble Quartes in the evening, before the Starling map is decrypted.
  • Follow Calia

Journal Entries

After our nerve-wracking mission in the Starcity Calia breathed the wish to spend some more time with me - in twos. She asked me to pick her up in the Nobles Quarter, near the "Fat Leoran".


Calia waiting for The Prophet on the Nobles Quarters.

Deadline: This quest will fail automatically if not completed before For the Greater Good is completed.

This quest will begin automatically at the start of For the Greater Good, if you have chosen to romance Calia Sakaresh. Calia will tell you to meet her at the Nobles quarters at the evening. You will find her waiting for you in a dress, on a small bridge, between 7:00 PM and 4:30 AM. You will have a brief conversation with her addressing how peaceful this place seems despite the issues happening in front of the gate. She feels mundane about what she plans to ask of you and ask you to just follow her.

After the conversation on the bridge, follow Calia. She will take you to The Dancing Nomad in the Foreign Quarters. A small minstrel group from Dunville came here to play despite the situation. Calia reveals she likes music despite not permitting herself to enjoy it. Now they have done everything they can, one must never forget to live or love. She invites you to dance tonight and forget about everything related to the Cleansing.

Follow her to the dancing area and you will see a cutscene of you two dancing. After a short while the screen will gradually fade into darkness. Then you will see yourself and Calia lying on the bed naked. You have finished the quest.


  • You can try to wake up Calia after the quest ends, but she'll just get up then immediately lie down on the bed again.
  • When using the bed to sleep, Calia remains sleeping at the bed on awakening.
  • Upon leaving the inn and immediately coming back up to the room, Calia will be awake beside the bed with her everyday clothes with no dialogue.