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Calia Sakaresh
(Ref ID: 00035825)
Race Kilénian Gender Female
Path Pathless Job Novice, Keeper
Essential Yes Form ID 00018FBE
Location Various
EN-NPC-Calia Sakaresh.png
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

It doesn't matter what you do, there will be people who'll despise you for your decision.

— Calia SakareshTwo Souls, Part I

Calia Sakaresh, born Maya Dal'Galar, is a Novice and later a Keeper of The Holy Order. She is one of the two romance options, the other being Jespar Dal'Varek. She is first seen with Dunwar, in their trial. She joins The Prophet during several quests and can eventually be romanced.

In combat Calia uses heavy armor and a greatsword. She will also heal The Prophet if their health drops to critical levels.


You know what's funny? To some extent, I'm glad to be who I am. That way people just leave me alone… and that gives me more time to focus on what's important. On my goals.

— Calia SakareshTwo Souls, Part I

Calia has a bit of a distant personality: she is not quick to trust and usually likes to keep to herself. This is especially true when she first meets The Prophet: although she is warm and friendly in conversation, she is not very open at first. However, if The Prophet follows through with her character questline, Two Souls, she will grow warmer towards them and will become more comfortable talking about how she feels about things.

Calia's worldview may seem skewed to some; she is closed off from most other people due to some past mishaps with friend/relationships. Therefore, she feels that she is alone in her problems and the world in general. She is not overly objective like Jespar, but that does not mean she only sees the good in things.

Calia is afraid of love at first. This is partly due to her shy nature and partly due to the curse she's borne since childhood from one of the Black Stones (as seen in Angel). This curse made a malevolent entity appear in her conscious. This entity feeds on mass violence and great emotion, and if Calia gets into a situation involving one or both of these, the entity takes control and usually ends up going on a killing spree. The first incident of this nature as seen by The Prophet occurs during Deus Ex Machina in Old Dothûlgrad when she defends them against a bandit. Due to the situation, the entity takes control and violently murders the bandit. Because of this entity, Calia is afraid that even if she does find someone who loves her, she will eventually destroy them. Over time, as Calia comes to trust The Prophet, they help her overcome her fear of this entity and accept it as a part of who she is. After her fear of the entity is diminished, she can be herself without having to worry about constantly controlling it, which opens her up and lets her more playful side come out, especially if romanced.

Early Life

The winters down there were cruel, and if Master Tyras hadn't found and taken care of me, I probably wouldn't have made it through my second year.

— Calia SakareshTwo Souls, Part I

Calia is the daughter of Samael Dal'Galar, a famous healer, and Taniysha Dal'Galar. Her birth name is Maya Dal'Galar. When she was still a child, Maya succumbed to an unspecified illness and died. Samael, not accepting the death of his daughter, hid it from his wife and moved to Castle Dal'Galar, hoping that he would be able to resurrect his daughter using his knowledge as a lifelong healer.

Samael went to great lengths to protect her daughter, buying exorbitant amounts of products to prevent her body from decaying, and building an impenetrable barrier at the entrance of her room. Eventually, he had an idea: To resurrect his daughter, he would infuse her body with the power of a Black Stone. During the process, a rapid release of magical energy not only vaporized Samael in place, but also embedded the Black Stone in Maya's body. The Veiled Woman appeared and gave Maya her new name, "Calia", while also carrying her away. It is unknown if the rapid release of energy that killed Samael was caused by the Veiled Woman or was a mere consequence of tapping into the Black Stone's power.

After an unknown amount of time, Calia was found unconscious in the forest near a village. The village's chief took her in, but nothing they did could wake her up. The earliest memory Calia has is a top-down view of the village burning, in which she feels a sensation of pleasure in the pain and destruction of the village, which has lead to her believing the Black Stone trapped inside her "woke up" before she could, and burned the village. After that, Calia, still, a child, woke up in the middle of the burning village, as hunters that had just returned home pointed fingers at her, calling her a witch for burning the village.

Calia fled and made her way to Ark. Her pathlessness and the rumors that still surrounded her of being a witch would mean a life in the depths of the Undercity, if it wasn't for Tyras. Tyras was a Magister of The Holy Order who found and adopted Calia, and he's the person Calia considers her true father, even after learning about the events in Castle Dal'Galar. With the help of Tyras, Calia became a novice of the order, where she met The Prophet during the events of Enderal.

Two Souls

There is something inside my head, Sa'Ira. Some kind of… second soul, an entity. Most of the time, it sleeps, but there are situations in which it wakes up, mostly when something atrocious happens, or has happened.

— Calia SakareshTwo Souls, Part II

The Black Stone trapped in Calia's body seems to have a consciousness of its own, which Calia simply calls "It". "It" is most active when Calia witnesses violence, blood, death, and/or destruction. Calia describes a sensation of being "taken over" by another person, and losing control of herself. Whenever "It" manages to take control of her, Calia is shrouded in a black mist and gains seemingly supernatural power, while enjoying the suffering and pain of others. While she has no control of herself in this state, it seems that she is fully aware of her actions, as she is able to remember all she did.

Calia's attitude towards "It" changes throughout the events of Enderal. Initially, she tried to hide and repress it as much as possible, isolating herself from others and training her self-control so she would show no strong emotions that could allow "It" to surface. She considered herself an "aberration", and saw "It" as an enemy to be fought.

However, her view changes if The Prophet decides to romance her. After spending time with The Prophet and listening to their opinions, Calia decides that "It" is a permanent part of her, and she will accept it as such. She will still fight to not let "It" control her, but she won't view herself as an aberration anymore. Calia accepts herself for who she is, and is no longer afraid of others or of her emotions.


You know, Sa'Ira, you were... there for me. You accepted me, despite everything you knew about me.

— Calia SakareshTwo Souls, Part V

Calia can be romanced by a male or a female Prophet, just like Jespar. Although keeping a high affinity with her is necessary to make the romance possible, it is not what locks the player to her romance. The lock-in point is very obvious; there is a point in the story where Calia asks The Prophet how they feel about Jespar. If The Prophet responds with "We're friends", they will be locked into a romance with Calia, leaving Jespar's unavailable. If they respond with "I don't know yet", they will be locked into Jespar's romance, leaving Calia's unavailable. (The Prophet may also proceed in the game without romancing either Calia or Jespar.)

Calia's romance scene takes place in the lower decks of the Starling Ship during Forgotten Homeland, Part I. She takes The Prophet down there to show them the core of the ship, as she is awed by how it looks and how it keeps the ship running. When Kurmai is about to find them down there, Calia and The Prophet run even further down to what looks like a small island inside the ship, surrounded by rocks and even a small river. Calia laughs at how they are about to possibly save the world, and yet they are running around playing like little children.

Calia then confides in The Prophet about her newfound opinion on the entity inside her. She now accepts it as part of herself, and she tells The Prophet about how she is going to live her life and have a great future like anyone else would. The Prophet can then ask if her future includes them, to which she responds that it definitely would if The Prophet wants it to be that way. If The Prophet responds "I wouldn't have it any other way", Calia then kisses The Prophet as the screen fades to black. The following morning, they are both seen in the same place except they are disrobed, implying sex. After a brief conversation, they continue the adventure to stop The Cleansing.

If she is romanced, or if The Prophet doesn't romance anybody and has a higher affinity with her, she will accompany The Prophet during the final quest.


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