Enderal:Forgotten Homeland, Part I

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Forgotten Homeland, Part I
Quest Giver: Automatic
Location(s): Ark, Old Dust Cave, Old Starling Mine, Old Starling Workshop, Airship, Interior
Prerequisite Quest: Black Light, Part III
Next Quest: Forgotten Homeland, Part II
Rewards: 500EP
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.png Very Hard
The Starship Manufactory

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to the Archmagister
  2. Go to Kurmai's cave
  3. Collect copper alloys
  4. Collect a Pyrean Cube
  5. Deliver the materials
  6. Board the Starship

Detailed Walkthrough

The alloys shine green
The Pyrean Cube
Tealor in the Starship

The upcoming plan

Exit the quarters and go left towards the Chronicum. There you will find Lexil Merrâyil and Yuslan. Talk to Lexil. Lexil will tell you that apparently Kurmai has broken into the storerooms and stolen some shadow steel, which he needs for finishing his starship. According to Lexil, the blueprints Kurmai used were very similar to the ones used for the beacon, and that may be a lead to the Numinos.

After Lexil finishes his briefing, The Biggest Egg Hunt Ever will fail if you haven't completed it yet, and A Drop in the Ocean will begin.

The arcanist will give you a teleport scroll, which you may use to travel to the Powder Desert. From there, you must locate the workshop. It is to the west of Duneville, inside Old Dust Cave. Once you arrive there talk to Kurmai and he will inform you that the starship, or "Gertrude" as he calls it, is nearly finished. Only a few materials are missing. These can be found in the powder desert. Kurmai will also inform you that a teleport rune has been placed in the cave, and you will get a scroll, so don't worry about walking back to the airship.

Finding the materials

The copper alloys are located in the Old Starling Mine, which is just north of the Old Dust Cave. Enter the mine and follow the tunnels. The five parts are scattered on the floor near the machine at the end. They give off a small green glow so they shouldn't be too hard to spot. The Pyrean Cube can be found in the Old Starling Workshop. It doesn't have a map marker, but can be located on the beach with sunborn ones and a ship. It is to the north of Thalgard Crematory. Inside the cave will be a tall structure. Climb it, and you will find the Pyrean Cube.

The take-off

Once you have collected all the materials, return to Kurmai in the Old Dust Cave by using the teleport scroll given to you. Speak to him, and he will inform you that Gertrude should be ready in a day. He also notifies you that Tealor has arrived and is waiting for you in the Starship. Speak to him, and he will ask whether you will want to wait for the ships departure, or use that time to properly equip yourself for the journey. Choose either one you prefer. After waiting, Tealor will give you Narathzul's brooch; speak to Kurmai and the ship will take off. On board you can either go to sleep or talk to your companions, Jespar and Calia. If you choose to sleep, however, you will not be able to continue your companions' storylines further, as their respective quests will be marked as failed. The first quest you may complete is dependant on whoever you have less sympathy points with, or are not attempting to start a relationship. The two quests are: Calia's Two Souls, Part V, and Jespar's companion quest: Every Day Like the Last, Part V. After spending time with your companions, or sleeping, you will arrive in the Star City and the next quest will start.