Enderal:The Shards of Order, Part I

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Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal and Yuslan Sha'Rim waiting for The Prophet at the Emporium's vault.
The Shards of Order, Part I
Quest Giver: Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal
Location(s): Sun Temple, Undercity, The City of a Thousand Floods
Prerequisite Quest: For the Greater Good
Next Quest: The Shards of Order, Part II


  • Meet (Non-Injured Companion) in the Sun Temple
  • Meet Tealor, Yuslan and (Non-Injured Companion) in the Emporium's vault
  • Follow Tealor through the tunnels
  • Traverse the Undercity with Tealor, Yuslan and (Non-Injured Companion)

Journal Entries

The worst case happened: The Truchessa and around half of the remaining Keepers betrayed us. They let Taranor Coarek's armies into the city, an event which they rewarded in blood. Now everything is up to us - solely the Sun Temple isn't raided by the Nehrimese yet and we have to find a way to search for the Numinos and ignite the Beacon. According to Arantheal there is some sort of shaft system, linking the Sun Temple with the Undercity. Ironic - originally this system would have been used to kill an angry mob if a riot occurred. Now it will be our key to salvation.


The compartments that hold the poison to be released on the Undercity.

This quest will begin automatically at the end of For the Greater Good, after you talk with Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal. Talk to your companion and then join Arantheal and Yuslan Sha'Rim at the Emporium's vault, where Tealor will open the sealed door. Follow the Grandmaster and you'll arrive at the Undercity Crow Quarters, where Tealor will ask you to lead the way. Make your path through the Possessed people, Plunderers, and Nehrimese soldiers, and you'll reach the entrance to The City of a Thousand Floods.

Then, this quest will end, and The Shards of Order, Part II will begin.