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Overview of all Myar Aranath: Relict of Kallidar quests that are playable.

Main Quests

Start: Escape from Fort Teras

A paladin named Caleris said I had lost my memory and that I was one of his soldiers and the cave where I woke up is the basement of a fort that was conquered by an Invasion Army of the Willless. We have to reach the docks and flee. This is the only way for a rescue.

The Trip to Dranass

Andre ordered me to travel to the village of Dranass in the north of Areldar. In the watchtower of Dranass, Officer Caleris will give me further orders. To reach Dranass I just have to mow the path that leads from Areldar. I have found Officer Caleris in Dranass, he will now give me new orders.

On Wolf Hunt

Dranass is unsettled by hoofed wolves straying around the settlement, Caleris ordered me to kill these wolves, as proof I need at least 5 Claw Wolfskins.

Mission to Ertorath

Caleris explained to me that he does not know much about what is happening in Fallas, in particular to the Dark Elves. He told me to travel to Ertorath and see priest Terimus in the cathedral, he would explain to me in more detail. Father Terimus gave me a letter to give to Caleris. I have provided Caleris with the needed information about the Dark Elves.

The Forgotten Certificate

Caleris commissioned me in a castle ruin, slightly north-west of Dranass, to recover the deed of the former lord of the castle. I successfully recovered the deed of ownership and handed over to Caleris.

Cemetery Desecration

Father Fardan needs my help, at least that's what Caleris said. The cemetery of Dranass is desecrated by the Undying Undead Horde, Priest Fardan of Dranass ordered me to put an end to it and drive out the Willeless, the cemetery is a good way north-west of Dranass, just along the way. I chased away the Willhless from the cemetery, Father Fardan was very glad to hear this.

The Journey to the Count

The Count of Andamantar wishes to speak to me, Caleris has marked the count's seat in my map. The count told me something of "more" and that I would be the right one for his task, he gave me a letter that I have to bring to Caleris.

I brought the letter to Caleris, he told me about a medal which has its headquarters in Northforge and fights the undead. I have to go to Castle Rolan and see Harkon, I'll try to join the Order. Caleris has recorded Castle Rolan on my map, a ship is going from Areldar to Ertorath, and from there I have to fight my way through the frosty lands of Northforge. Caleris has warned me that the unprincipled there are very numerous ...

The Examination of the Order

I went to Burg Rolan to talk to Harkon; he said to be accepted into the Order I have to pass the exam of the Order ... The candidates have to penetrate a vault and recover their cuirass down there. On the way there they have to prove courage, spiritual skill and fighting strength at the same time. I successfully salvaged the cuirass and passed the exam, now I have to go to Mannorath to join the Order. I have spoken to Mannorath, he has accepted me in the Order, but I had to swear an oath: "I swear that I defend the human kingdoms and the Order against the darkness, even after the death or fall of Fallas, I will do anything about to liberate humanity "

The spy

Indar Meldos has important information for the Order but does not want to reveal it, I have to travel to Ertorath and get it for me. I talked to Mannorath, he thinks that Indar Meldo's information is real and Zoras is slowly trying to regain his power.

The armies of the undead

The Willeless draw their siege ring around Castle Rolan ever denser, Mannorath has then instructed me to kill 20 death slaves who have taken position in front of the castle. I killed the 20 death slaves and ended the siege.

Hunting Demons

Mannorath immediately sent me back to Caleris in Dranass, saying Caleris had found traces of an ancient demon lord who survived the war. The Demon Lord Magnintor, a leader in Armonaarth's legions escaped the Seraphim, fleeing to the ruined temple of Ternasill as the Demonic Legions shattered under mortal alliances, this temple is located in the White Willow, slightly south-east from Count Andamantars seat in a small gorge. Caleris has ordered me to kill him and cleanse the temple of the demon blood. I hijacked Magnintor, and Caleris was so astonished that he told Mannorath to give me other things than errands.

The traces of the Ice King

Zoras only brings disaster to humanity .... He is an ice king, lord of ice and frost. Because of him, the Legions of Hell were able to intervene in this world at that time, and now that they broke under the united armies of mortals, he brought the cold to Northforge through his elemental magic and makes the land nearly uninhabitable for us. Mannorath has sent two of his best men to find Zoras, and he instructed me to find them and inquire about the search. After that, I have to report to Mannorath. You are currently on Lake Mottanion, a frozen lake in the middle of Northforge, north of Rolan Castle, on a small island. I found the Order's warriors and inquired about Zoras, they say they have evidence that Zoras is holed up in a ravine east of Lake Mottanion in a fortress. I delivered the news of Zora's hiding place to Mannorath.


Mannorath asks me to get a book of the copy "Symphony of Ice and Fire", the easiest way would be in the bookshop in Ertorath, which is built just west of the church. I delivered a copy of "Symphony of Ice and Fire" to Mannorath.

The Hunt for the Beast

The invasion of the demonic armies under Armonaarth via Fallas has awakened many ancient and powerful creatures, rumors are surrounding a "beast" hiding in the Irluan Highlands, the King's armies are too preoccupied with the Battle of Northforge to accept it. This beast has already claimed several victims, now she is the victim! I will have to kill the beast! The Irluan Highland beast is history, I killed her.

The first seal

Mannorath wants me to destroy one of Zora's seals to break his curse. He said the seal is located north-east of Rolan Castle in a mountain rift, to destroy it I have to remove the crystal in the seal keeping the spell upright and bring it to Mannorath. The first seal that sustained Zora's curse is eliminated.

The second seal

The second seal is located right between the burning towns and Lake Mottanion, probably near the mountains. Mannorath again instructed me to destroy the seal, which is believed to lie in a wooded area, he asked me for caution, because not only the legions of the Willless roam through the woods but many much older and meaner creatures. The curse over Northforge is broken forever. The wounds will heal, after a few years Northforge will shine again in ancient splendor. I broke all the seals.


There's a bug in this quest as well: in the Throne Room of the Ice Festival, when talking to Zoras as a female character, Zoras says at the end of the conversation, 'You're my daughter' and then there is no other dialogue option. The main quest would be over here then Solution: in Open console with ^ and enter "journal hq_16 5". This completes the diary entry. Then enter "set mano_var to 1" and Mannorath will appear and you can escape.
Update: in This solution has now become obsolete, since a Correction file fixed this bug. It lacked the choice of choice in the female dialogue. Now the part is back to normal playing without having to bother the console. In addition, the coarsest typos have been eliminated.

Mannorath has designed battle plans to storm Zora's High Fortress, my job is to break through the gate that lies east of Lake Mottanion, invade the fort and infiltrate it before Zoras gathers its armies. Mannorath will then come to me to defeat Zoras once and for all. I was in the ice festival. Zoras told me he is my dad and threatened to kill me.

The search for Mannorath

When I met Zora's, Mannorath stepped into the fight and held back Zoras while I fled. He told Harkon what to do. Zoras is defeated ....

The psychic

Harkon said one way to find out what happened to Mannorath and Zoras would be to visit the prophet Herthrork in the Shady Forests, which are south of the Irluan Highlands and east of the White Willows. I found Herthrork. He says Zoras forced Mannorath under his will, and at that very moment opens another burning portal into the Demons' dimension worlds to make this world drown in chaos. As part of Zora's blood, I'm the only one who can kill Zora, but for that I need the rune blade that has been missing for years, only this artifact could give him his power, only this can take away his power.

The Rune Blade

Harkon explained the exact location of the Rune-blade, she must be at the Torak Fortress on the Bone Coast in the south-eastern Nursill, she is guarded by Darwin, a General of the Order. The Torak Fortress itself is a former base of the Dark Elves and serves only as a deterrent, I will have to fight through the defense.

The Queen

Harkon told me the battle plans to defeat Zoras and the demons, I must persuade Ertorath and my mother, Queen Tarnry, to help the Order and attack Kallidar ... I was in the Royal Palace, a messenger has already reached Castle Rolan.

The revenge of the elves

I was with my mother, she gave me a battle plan to defeat Zoras, when I was on the road, a messenger already reached Castle Rolan, the religious forces and the army of Fallas are already attacking Kallidar, I have to go there and kill Zoras, which has I swore! The queen gave me a plan with detailed instructions. I defeated Zoras, banished the Shadow and saved Fallas, the Queen thanked me very much for my actions. I think I should go back to Caleris ... I was at Caleris, he paid me all the financial assets of the Order, over 15,000 gold pieces! Should I ever need Caleri's help again I can go to him and he will help me, well, there is still much to do for me, though Zoras is defeated but still threatens hundreds of villains and other calamities of Fallas and its limitations, my adventure will only begin now.

Side Quests

Ormanas problem with the wolf

I met a woman named Ormana north of Areldar, she asked me for my help to kill a wolf who has been stalking their camp for days. I've eased Ormana's anxiety by killing the wolf that has been threatening her for so long. As compensation for my effort, she gave me her precious dagger.

The lost money

The blacksmith Ironshare from Areldar asked for my help. Taren the old fisherman at the dock of Areldar has borrowed from Ironshare 300 gold pieces, but these did not pay back. Ironshare can not leave his shop, so I'm supposed to bring back the 300 gold pieces for him. He would give me a third of the debt. I returned Ironshare the gold that Taren owed him.

Teres Crystals

This quest may not work because the Mine dialog box option is missing from Tere.

I met Tere in Areldar, he said he needed crystals so Zernaera could extract soul stones from them. However, this resource is very rare, there is only one known mine north of Areldar, but it was burnt down decades ago by the Wise-Ones. I will try to recover one of the pieces of crystal. I was able to bring one of his crystals to Tere, he gave me some soul stones and gold as a reward.

Esbundans greed

This quest may not work. If the game is loaded with all the patches in the correct order, nq_13 can not be unlocked. The dialogue option: "delicate remoteness" is missing. Remedy: Deactivate MA_Fehlerkorrektur.esp briefly in the launcher. The dialogue option: "sensitive remoteness" is back and the quest is possible.

Leader Teritan from Skringarad directed me to send the soul of the traitor Esbundan to the dark realms. I find Esbundan's hideout probably south of the ruins of Orkroner on the coast.

Well, listen carefully to what I say, as you know, we are watching over the grave of Falla. Falla once united the tribes of people under one flag and baptized the land by his name, just Fallas. He was the first of the glorious human kings who ruled this land.

But in his lifetime he had an adversary, he was his half-brother, they called him him Esbundan. Esbundan acted far from the light, only lust for power drove him on. When Falla founded his empire, the brothers quarreled and Esbundan vowed to persevere his soul until his time came ...

He hid and through his oath he broke the chains of mortality. I suspect he still waits today in his underground dungeon for Fallas

breaks and he can get the scepter of power in his hands. I want you to put an end to this. Exactly this is the problem, from old documents without dating it is clear that he hides south of the ruins of Okroner on the coast. You must find him and banish his soul into the dark realms, he is a threat to this land ... But be warned, Esbundan is very powerful.

== == Lichtbringer Quests You may not be able to play the Lightbringer quest line because there is no dialogue option with Guardian Tavilon to allow you to join. In this case, temporarily disable the file: MA_Fehlerkorrektur.esp in the launcher. Then the conversation option "The Lightbringer" is available again

Talisman of Light

Guard Tavilon from Ertorath sent me to Castle Ask to solicit the holy blessing of Admiral Glenden and to get the talisman of light, all members of the Lightbringer get it. I picked up the Talisman of Light from Admiral Glenden, now I should go back to Ertorath.

War against the Brotherhood

Guard Tavilon ordered Marlon the Roaring One to eliminate one of the leaders of the Ranger Brotherhood. Such scum is not sustainable within Fallas. I find him in a cave called Teribinak, west of Castle Vertus. I killed Marlon the roaring, now I have to go back to Ertorath. Master Tavilon rewarded me abundantly for my efforts against the Ranger Brotherhood.

The ashes of Prince Arethon

Guard Tavilon the Lightbringer commissioned me to rescue and protect the ashes of Lord Arethon, as vampires and grave robbers threaten his graves. Arethon himself was once a senior member of the Lightbringer. I find his grave near Skringarad in the Irluan Highlands. I have salvaged the ashes of Lord Arethon from his graves and successfully delivered them to Guardian Tavilon in Ertorath.

The black armor

The Black Guard fights the Lightbringer by all means. Guard Tavilon the Lightbringer does not want to tolerate this any longer and instructs me to go to the Order House of the Black Guard and find an order or something similar with the illegal Dark Elf armor. If his guesses prove true and the Guard regularly buys such armor, a proof from the Queen would be a shrewd move against the Guard. I was able to find an order for the Black Guard armor, Guard Tavilon immediately sent me to Kerkok, the scholar in Ertorath who is responsible for the Justitz. He said he would take care of it.

Tirnas Skull

I have to travel to the west of Kallidar for the Lightbringer and recover his skull from the graves of the demon lord Tirnas. The artifact is very powerful and a terrible weapon in the wrong hand, similar to the Myar: The Rune Blade which was also created by Lord Tirnas. I could hand over Tirnas skull to Guard Tavilon.

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