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Ertorath is the capital of the kingdom of Fallas.


The city is located on a smaller island in front of Nursill. You can reach Ertorath only by boat trips or swimming. It is the largest settlement in Fallas and also the capital of the empire. The castle at the highest point of the island is the seat of Queen Tarnry. In the guild quarter, the Black Guard, the Lightbringer and the Mages Guild have their headquarters. One can buy all sorts of goods in the city, and even learn the herbalism and mining skills of certain traders. In Ertorath is also the great cathedral of the country. In this there are always some priests and also Paladins of the Lightbringer. In the market place there is a large dragon statue. This dragon is also on the crest of Fallas.


On the island where Ertorath stands, the Demon Lord Armonaarth of Zoras was killed when he betrayed him. As a result, the campaign of Dark Elves came to a standstill. The new queen of Fallas, Tarnry, ordered that the new capital be built on that island. The body of Armonaarth was salvaged and hung in front of the palace in the guild quarter.