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Uncovered map of Nursill
Nursill is the most important island of the empire of Fallas. The island is located east of Kallidar and south of Northforge. Nursill is the country of origin of the people of Fallas,as formerly Northforge. The capital is Ertorath which is also the capital of the empire of Falla. Ertorath is on its own island but still counts as part of Nursill. The ruler of Nursill is Queen Tarnry.


It is colder in the east of Nursill, where the last survivors of Northforge live. In the middle of Nursill you can find deciduous forests, coniferous forests and swamps. In the west one encounters dark forests, some ruins of abandoned villages and deforested areas. Nursill is the most important area in the Kingdom of Fallas, so you will find the most important people here.


Southern Nursill, Irluan Highlands, Skalgrin Forests, Tersul Forest, Marshlands, The Bone Coast, Gandschaft Andamantar and the Shady Forests.

Towns and Villages

Hall, Graal, Castle Ask, Dranass, Areldar, Castle Vertus, Andamantar, Skringarad und Ertorath.


There are many ruins and abandoned fortresses on Nursill. These were mostly created during the war against the dark elves and demons. Among the most famous are:

Traffic System

There are many roads on Nursill. You can also take the boats to the coastal towns. There is even a railroad between the county of Andamantar and the Irluan Highland. In some regions there are bandits.