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Zoras, also called Frostlord or Ice-King, used to be an elf. He was Mannorath's student. At some point they entered the grave of a demon ruler, in which Zoras found the Rune-Blade. Mannorath warned him against the curse of the blade, but Zoras had already fallen for it's extreme power. He injured Mannorath, whereupon he had to flee. Later, Zoras betrayed his own people, the elves, and turned most of them into the Dark Elves. He summoned a huge demon army, led by the demon lord Armonaarth. Together with his dark elves and the demons, he eradicated the elves completely and destroyed Kallidar's capital Narathzul. After that, he sailed for Northforge to destroy all life there as well. After Northforge was conquered, he went to Nursill. It initially looked like another victory for the Dark Elves and Zoras, but they lost in the final battle. When Armonaarth was about to kill Queen Tarnry, Zoras betrayed Armonaarth and held him down from behind. This act saved Zoras from the death penalty, but he was banished to Northforge. There he built a fortress of ice and created elemental guardians who protected him and his surroundings. In this fortress he fought against Mannorath again. He was more powerful than he and could control him with his magic. Together with the controlled Mannorath, he conjured a new demon army. In the end, however, he was defeated by his own child and died.