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The Dark Elves, also called Ahrorma or Shadow Elves, live on Myar-Aranath. On other continents you will find them rarely or not at all. They are immortal by nature and gifted in the dark arts of magic, which is why most people in Myar-Aranath fear them. They come from the Aeterna.


"The Dark Elves are the cursed remnants of the Elven people of Kallidar, demonic blood flows through their veins, making them immortal and arcanic as a norm. However, this comes at the terrible price of their free will. The Dark Elves are detested by the other peoples."

Race description from Myar Aranath: Relict of Kallidar

Attributes and Skills


Dark Elf Attributes Myar Aranath: Relict of Kallidar
Strength MA-Icon-Attribute-Strength.jpg 40 40
Intelligence MA-Icon-Attribute-Intelligence.jpg 55 55
Willpower MA-Icon-Attribute-Willpower.jpg 30 30
Dexterity MA-Icon-Attribute-Strength.jpg 40 40
Speed MA-Icon-Attribute-Speed.jpg 50 55
Constitution MA-Icon-Attribute-Constitution.jpg 40 30
Charisma MA-Icon-Attribute-Charisma.jpg 15 20
Luck MA-Icon-Attribute-Luck.jpg 40 40

Skill Bonuses

  • Athletics +5
  • Destruction +10
  • Light Armor +5
  • Long weapon +5
  • Marksman +5
  • Mysticism +5
  • Short weapon +10


  • Immortality (normal weapons resist 10 - 20%, permanent)
  • Unbearable (restore magic 1 - 2 points, permanent)


The Dark Elf people live on the continent of Myar. They are remnants of the ancient Aeterna high culture, which inhabited the fertile land of Kallidar. Originally the Ahrorma were normal Aeterna, but they joined the traitor Zoras, who with the help of demonic magic wanted to conquer Fallas. Zoras told the residents of Narathzul about demonology and black magic. Many initially listened to him out of curiosity, but later they gave way to lust for power. There were disputes between the Aeterna. Some were against the execution of demon magic. They did not want to have anything to do with these superiors. For them, they were the embodiment of pure evil.