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Map of Myar

Myar is one of Vyn's smallest continents. It consists of three large islands: Nursill, Northforge and Kallidar. Formerly, these three islands were single kingdoms that were also protectorates of the The Lightborne, but during Armonaarth's invasion, the Elven Empire on Kallidar and the human kingdom on Northforge were both completely destroyed. Since then, Kallidar is only populated by the demonic Dark Elves and Northforge only by the Wills. The dark elf Zoras also cast a spell that drastically lowered the climate on Northforge. For people, life in this cold has become impossible. When the Lightborne ruled over the continent, Myar contained the Guardian Halls 1, which were important bases for the Inquisition of the Gods. After the end of the war against the dark elves, the human kingdom of Fallas became an independent kingdom. 2. The light-born seem later to have made no effort to reintegrate the continent back into their empire. Considering that they did not have the resources to do so with the loss of Tirmatral and the second revolt of Narathzul Arantheal, this seems quite understandable.

The Total Conversion Myar Aranath: Relict of Kallidar plays on the continent of Myar.

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