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Capu Edgepunch
(Ref ID: 000B5599)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path N/A Job N/A
Essential No Form ID 000B5598
Location Ark's Marketplace, Golden Sickle's Trading Post
EN-NPC-Capu Edgepunch.png
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

Capu Edgepunch is a child living in the Golden Sickle's Trading Post at Ark's Marketplace with his father, Jerrel Edgepunch.


Capu seems to be a very smart child, as he can be seen acing all his father's learning questions when The Prophet first arrives in Ark.


Capu wakes up at 8 AM and starts playing in Ark's Marketplace, jumping back and forth in the same spot for 4 hours. At midday, he starts running after a chicken in the marketplace. He returns home to sleep at 8 PM.

Pickpocketed Items

Capu can't be pickpocketed.


  • While Capu is not essential, he has the Ghost flag, which means he will not take any damage from any source.