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Jerrel Edgepunch
(Ref ID: 000B55BC)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Manufacturer Job Assistant
Essential No Form ID 000B55BA
Location Ark's Marketplace, Golden Sickle's Trading Post
EN-NPC-Jerrel Edgepunch.png
Level 35 Health 333
Magicka 220 Stamina 107

Jerrel Edgepunch is a Golden Sickle assistant living and working at the Golden Sickle's Trading Post in Ark's Marketplace. He has a son, Capu Edgepunch.


Jerrel seems to be a very caring father, as he can be seen teaching his son about Malphas and the Sun Temple when The Prophet first arrives in Ark.


Jerrel wakes up at 8 AM and goes to work on his trading post. At 2 PM, he takes a break from working and goes relax in Ark's Bathhouse until 4 PM, when he goes back to work. At 8 PM, he stops working and heads to the open-air tavern in Ark's South Quarter to eat until midnight, when he goes back to the trading post to eat.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Steel Sword
  • Key to the Trading Post
  • 28 Pennies