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The following page or section is still a stub and is incomplete.

Enchanting in Enderal works like in Sykrim - an Arcane Enchanter can be used to learn new enchantments and to enchant items with the help of filled soul gems.


EN-Placeable-Arcane Enchanter.png

In order to enchant items, the following things are required:

  • an arcane enchanter
  • a not enchantment item
  • the knowledge of an enchantment for the selected item
  • a filled soul gem


  • Only weapons or armor pieces (including rings and amulets) can be enchanted.
  • Some enchantments are only for a specific type of items. For example, an enchantment that deals fire damage on every hit can only be applied to weapons.
  • Successfully enchanting an item awards some xp.

Learning enchantments

In order to learn new enchantments, an enchanted item must be analyzed. This can be done at any arcane enchanter. By doing so, the player gains the required knowledge to copy the items enchantment.
Note: The analyzed item will be destroyed during this process!

  • Items whose enchantments are already known can not be analyzed anymore.
  • Set items can not be analyzed.


Interact with an arcane enchanter to open the enchantment interface. Switch to the item tab (the default tab is "analyze"). Select the item that you want to enchant, then on the enchantment tab the enchantment and finally in the soul gem tab the soul gem to use.
The strength of the enchantment depends on the players level in enchanting and the size of the used soul. The Memories of the Phasmalist can increase this further. The used soul gem is consumed during the process.
Note: Enchantments with charges allow you to select how many charges the final item should have. The more charges it has the weaker is the enchantment and vice versa.


  • List of available enchantments