Enderal:Fragments of the Past

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Fragments of the Past
Quest Giver: Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal
Location(s): Sun Temple
Prerequisite Quest: Part of Something Momentous, Part III
Next Quest: Interlude
Concurrent Quest: The Word of the Dead
Deus Ex Machina
Rewards: Keeper's Garb (Optional)
The Grandmaster and the Signet Leader discussing the future of The Order

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Optionally, get your Keeper clothing
  2. Talk to Tealor Arantheal
  3. Complete The Word of the Dead and Deus Ex Machina

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest will begin automatically after the ceremony at the end of Part of Something Momentous, Part III. Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal tells you that he has news, but recommends that you get your new Keeper clothing before proceeding. You can talk to Halda Stronghand at the Sun Temple's Armory to get your new armor, which you can choose from Robes, Mail, or Plate armor. This, however, is optional.

You'll find Arantheal in the Emporium, discussing the future of The Order with Signet Leader Jorek Bartarr. Talk to him and he'll offer you two quests: The Word of the Dead and Deus Ex Machina, which you can complete in any order. Once those quests are done, this quest will end and Interlude will begin.

Quest Stages

Stage Finishes
Journal Entry
Objective 0: (Optional) Get the keeper's garb in the Temple's forge
Objective 5: Meet Tealor in the Emporium to discuss the next steps
Objective 10: Find the "memory of the dead person"
Objective 15: Support the excavation in Old Dothûlgrad
Objective 20: Brief Tealor Arantheal in the Emporium about the sigil stone
5, 10

To learn more about the "Cleansing" and the Cycle the Grandmaster wants me to investigate two traces. Both are leading to the memory of the crumbled civilization which inhabited Vyn before our era - and which fell victim to the Cleansing.

15 Quest Complete.svg

Against all odds we achieved two important victories: For one thing we managed to reactivate the Sigil Stone from Old Rashêngrad whose shards are protecting us Keepers from the Red Madness - for another thing the Order's arcanists started rebuilding a mystical Pyrean machine, called the "Beacon". Howsoever it looks once finished: The Pyrean hoped that it could save them from the Cleansing. Apparently they never managed to finish it.